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argo-formatter Use formats based on content type.

argo-formatter-handlebars A Handlebars engine for Argo formatter.

argo-formatter-siren A Siren formatter for Argo.

atropa-jsformatter A node module to pretty print JavaScript source code.

beautify-with-words Beautify javascript with unique "long-ish words" for variable names.

blockquote Add block quotes to your posts

bormat a bunch of boring utility functions for formatting time and numbers, mostly.

content-range Content-range header formatter.

cssbeautify Reindent and reformat CSS.

cssbeautify-cli CLI for cssbeautify

dateable A date formatter and parser for node

ephemeral Formatting dates with English prepositions & holiday names

esformatter ECMAScript code beautifier/formatter

esindent ECMAScript code indenter based on Esprima AST and Rocambole

eslint-json JSON formatter (reporter) for ESLint

eslint-path-formatter ESLint formatter with source-map support and absolute paths with row/column on one line.

eslint-stylish Stylish ESLint formatter (reporter)

eslint-tap TAP formatter (reporter) for ESLint

exceptionmessagebeautifier Contains a helper that can be used to format exception messages.

format-package-json Format package.json based on the current one

fzk-json-formatter A simple json formatter conforming to my style.

gulp-cssbeautify Reindent and reformat CSS

gulp-esformatter Beautify JavaScript code with esformatter

gulp-eslint A gulp plugin for processing files with eslint

jformatter A JavaScript formatter

js-prettify An up-to-date version of js-beautify for Assemble's helpers.

jscodesniffer Tool to ensure that your JavaScript code does not violate the specified coding standard (Idiomatic Style Manifesto or JQuery Core Style Guidelines)

json2html An HTML formatter for JSON data

json2lcov The report data of a **json-cov** format are changed into a **lcov** format

jsonf A JSON formatter

katt-util KATT utilities for KATT blueprints.

keyf key formatter based on a function's arguments

mailjs JavaScript HTML and text email formatter.

matt.js Simple string formatter based on the sprintf implementation.

mongodb-uri A parser and formatter for MongoDB URIs.

node-msg node msg logger/formatter with colours

objj-compiler JavaScript (ECMAScript) and Objective-J compiler with preprocessor

os-jscs Tool to ensure that your JavaScript code does not violate the specified coding standard (Idiomatic Style Manifesto or JQuery Core Style Guidelines)

pat Formats data described by format strings

pullquote Add pull quotes to your posts

readmore Add 'read more' links to your posts

time-format a method to format the span between a time and now

tslint-path-formatter TSLint formatter that displays absolute path with row/column on one line

unfunk-diff Object & string diff rendering for all displays

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