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a5 NodeJS implementation of the A5 JavaScript development framework

aardvark Tiny, function-centric test framework.

abaaso abaaso is a modern, lightweight Enterprise class RESTful JavaScript application framework.

actionpack Extra layer of sugar available for actionhero to make dev a little more rapid

actionserver full-stack framework for web apps

agni Command line utility for creating agni-framework applications

agni-framework Simple and intuitive MVC web framework for node.js

aiur generic app framework for node.js inspired by compound.

ajmax micro MVC framework for single-page AJAX/html5 apps

ajtalkjs-troy Troy Web Framework in Smalltalk

alamid Framework for realtime apps that run both on the server and the client.

alto A MVCS framework for javascript applications.

alto-commander API for building alto cli. Inspired by npm: 'commander'

altshift Altshift open source framework

always-test a simple, full-featured, javascript testing framework

americano Wrapper for Express that makes its configuration clean and easy.

antifreeze Client-side MVP framework.

aonx very opinionated application framework

apper Convention-based restful app development in node.js

apta web development framework for node.js, insanely fast, flexible, and simple

apx A scalable, extensible, modular API Server

arcabouco-js scalable microframework in node.js

arch A small toolkit-framework

argo-resource A resource API framework for Argo.

armstrong A JavaScript framework for a wonderful world

artery Express-like API to create scalable and maintainable applications in your browser

arthus Yet another web framework.

assassin An Access Control Framework written in Node.js

assemble-less-variables Pass variables to Less.js before compiling. From Jon Schlinkert, core team member of Less.js.

assemble-markdown-data An Assemble plugin for automatic parsing of markdown in data.

assemble-package-manager Utilities for managing packages.

assemble-plugin-markdown-data An Assemble plugin for automatic parsing of markdown in data.

assemble-plugin-related-pages An Assemble plugin for generating lists of related pages.

assemble-related-pages An Assemble plugin for generating lists of related pages.

assemble-utils Utilities built for the Assemble project.

assets Asset API for Node.js

assets.js Asset API for Node.js

at-breakpoint easy media queries for stylus

atom A collection of decoupled components for rapid web development

autodafe mvc framework for node with mysql orm, web sockets support, logging, routing, user roles etc

awesomecms Ambitious education project from snowy Russia

backbone-hitch Lightweight framework built on top of backbone

baffled-utils Angular & Javascript Utilities

bare The opposite of a framework

bark A collection of web rendering functions

base A lightweight micro web framework that build on connect.js and written in CoffeeScript.

base-framework An object prototype building framework

base12 app platform for node.js, built on express 3

bauhaus-imap imap functions for bauhaus library

bearcat-dao dao O/R mapping, transaction framework

berliner The lightweight web framework

berry test framework

beyo Beyo Application framework.

bigpipe Bigpipe a radical new web framework for Node.js that's inspired by Facebook's bigpipe concept.

bikini ![The-M-Project Absinthe][logo] # The-M-Project 2.0 (Absinthe) Beta Release [![Build Status](](

Birbal Quick, simple routing

blackmonkey A simple chat framework built on

blank Common js functions library

blank-js Common js functions library

blogctuary Prove you were alive from the comfort of a safe place

blogin A simple static blog framework, powered by Node.js.

bogart Fast JSGI web framework taking inspiration from Sinatra

bogart-cors Bogart (written by Nathan Stott) now has CORS - however, the npm entry for Bogart has not been updated to reflect this. Once Nathan publishes the latest version of Bogart to npm, this package will no longer be necessary.

bogart-edge Fast JSGI web framework taking inspiration from Sinatra is a lightweight framework for building high performance Realtime Single Page Apps.

booster Booster is the ***fastest*** way to get a full-fledged REST service up and running in [nodejs](!

brainy-server a server side and client side framework for Backbone

bricks Bricks Application Server

brisk Automation for Express.js

brisk-simpledb SimpleDB extension for Brisk

buildserver configurable build server with integration

burokrat A true bureaucrat needs forms

calvin A tiny server, middleware, view, and controller framework.

caminio highly modularized CMS framework

capri Capri Library :: Clasic object oriented JavaScript

capt Command line tool for creating backbone.js applications with coffeescript

catalyst Extensible modular REST framework.

catberry Catberry is a framework for fast and modular web-applications. Write module once and use it at server and browser without any additional logic

catberry-example Example application for catberry framework

cayenne CoffeeScript's web framework on top of Express,Connect,Socket.IO frameworks.

cbfx cbfx

channeling A library for aggregating language-neutral/framework-neutral test results over HTTP.

cheatsheet Cheatsheet boilerplate. Created for the new website, based on Shopify Cheat Sheet by Mark Dunkley.

cheese A flexible, reactive, client-side web framework

chocolate A full stack Node.js web framework built using Coffeescript

choko High performance and high level web application framework.

circle.landlessness have the ar.drone fly in a circle around an obstacle.

circumflex Express-based Web Application Framework

cleverstack-cli Command line interface for CleverTech's CleverStack

cli-toolkit Modular command line interface toolkit

cman Component framework and manager

co-client Client-side compound

coach Full Stack Web Framework for Node.js

cobweb Web auditing and analysis framework

cobweb-queue Adds queuing functionality to Cobweb

cocotte Business generation web application framework

codekart a Node.js MVC Framework

coffee-shop Coffee Web Framework.

coffee-stylesheets-compass-framework Compass Framework ported to CoffeeStylesheets

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