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antimatter Annihilate YAML front matter.

assemble-front-matter Utilities for extracting front matter from source files.

assemble-yaml Utility library for working with YAML front matter. Works with or without Assemble.

delims Generate RegExp for delimiters, to be used with templates, files or data streams.

front-matter Extract YAML front matter from strings

generator-jade-frontmatter A generator for Yeoman

gray-matter A simple to use and extend front matter library. Supports parsing and extracting YAML, JSON, TOML or Coffee Front-Matter, with options to set custom delimiters.

grunt-matter Add, extend, sort or strip YAML front matter. Also has options for populating randomized mock data. This plugin is especially useful for creating test or example templates.

matter Flexible front matter parser

yfm A simple to use YAML Front-Matter parsing and extraction Library.

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