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fsis A set of utility methods for determining if a path is a specific type of resource without having to call fs.stat and then one of the is* methods on the returned Stat object. See Node.js fs.Stat methods.

fsjs Tiny opiniated web framework for node that relies heavily on fs.

fsmonitor Fine-grained cross-platform file system monitoring for Node.js

fsobj Turn your filesystem hierarchy into an object.

fson fson ====

fsplus a enhancement of file system utils in Node.js

fsplusgit Wrap node.js' fs module and expose the contents of git repositories

fsq Node.js FS with Q.js

fsquery Query async fs module calls

fsu Unique file name with streams support

fsutil Synchronous filesystem utilities

fswatchr A recursive

fsync-write-stream fs.writeStream wrapper fsyncing data periodically

gallery-curator simple photo gallery curation

gammautils Lots of utilities for Node.js

gaze A globbing wrapper built from the best parts of other fine watch libs.

git-fs-db A js-git interface adapter that implements db using fs.

git-fs-repo filesystem backed git repository

git-repo A local git repository using any pluggable backend.

gitfakefs Emulate node.js' fs module on top of a git repository

gocsp-fs gocsp-fs =======

graceful-fs A drop-in replacement for fs, making various improvements.

graceful-fs-stream Graceful filesystem streams.

gridjs GridFS that is easy to use and mongojs compliant

gulp-debug Debug vinyl file streams

haz Determines if a program exists in the PATH environment variable. Cross platform, including support for checking likely executable file extensions on Windows. Available in synchronous and asynchronous versions.

hey An event driven file watcher for NodeJS with some sugar

hike JavaScript port of Ruby's Hike, a library for finding files in a set of paths. Filesystem Watcher hook for

ignorepatterns A regular expression that matches common filenames that we want to ignore

includify Include one file directly into another with browserify

iostreams Open input and output streams given providers and small config

iosys An incoherent library of otherwise systematically reimplemented functions.

isbin Checks for available binaries on unix machines

jade-browser-middleware Jade middelware precompiles Jade templates for functional execution in the browser

jsave Save and load JSON to and from disk.

jsgui-node-fs2-core jsgui - Image module. Load, save, access metadata.

kckr Yet another file kicker. However, this is the one you'll want to use. It's built on the super reliable file watching technique that coffee-script's cli app uses.

kindly A thin wrapper for fs to group files by type

klei-fs Some nice to have addons to the native node fs module

lesscompile compilation of project's less

level-blocked Blocked data storage on top of LevelUp

level-filesystem Full implementation of the fs module on top of leveldb

level-fs node's fs module with leveldb as backend

level-fs-browser level-fs as drop-in fs replacement for the browser

libuv-fs rebuilt example of libuv fs bindings

lie-fs Promise wrappers for Node's FS API.

line-by-line A NodeJS module that helps you reading large text files, line by line, without buffering the files into memory.

linereader Reading a url or file line by line.

locator gives semantic meaning to filesystem paths

lockfile A very polite lock file utility, which endeavors to not litter, and to wait patiently for others.

lockup Lockup uses a certain lock file to queue and deal with inter-process asynchronous resources.

looker Looks for files, and loads or requires them

lsjs utility wrapper for fs.readdir

mecano Common functions for system deployment.

meta-path Provides metadata information about resource paths (file system and shared network)

min-fs A node.js implementation of the min-stream and continuable based fs interface for js-git.

mkdir Directory creation utilities

mock-fs A configurable mock file system. You know, for testing.

mockfs Mocking FS module implementation for testing purpouses

mocks Set of mock modules for easy testing (fs, http)

monocle a tool for watching directories for file changes

mountfs fs-compatible module with the ability to mount other fs-compatible modules at specific locations

msgpack-fs Roll up a file or directory with MessagePack

multi-fs A client for doing FS operations in multiple places in sync.

nae-fs nae file system

nb nodebox cli.

node_util Utilities that help you write Node programs and in particular, CLI scripts easily.

node-dir asynchronous file and directory operations for Node.js

node-document-storage-fs Storage adapter `fs` for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

node-fs-extra fs-extra contains methods that aren't included in the vanilla Node.js fs package. Such as mkdir -p, cp -r, and rm -rf.

node-fs-synchronize Synchronize file written from external child process to nodejs

node-hdfs A node module for accessing Hadoop's file system (HDFS)

node2 Makes node.js/fs handy, consistent and fixes legacy bugs.

nor-fs Asynchronous file system library with chainable Q promises for Node.js

o2.functional o2.js Functional Programming Utility Methods o2.js FileSystem-related methods

object-stream-to-fs Stream objects to a file and store it to be read from JSONStream

osx-tag A module to operate tags on OSX Mavericks

part-file Read and write parts to a partfile

path-extra path-extra contains methods that aren't included in the vanilla Node.js path package.

path-utils Path extras and utilities to extend the Node.js path module.

pathcap Recursively rename directories and files to have names no longer than given number of bytes.

pathname OOP wrapper for `fs`, `path` and `Stat` functions

peep Peep is a smart wrapper which is lighter and faster, uses as less fs.FSWatchers as possible, and could prevent duplicate watching.

peeper it watches your directories silently and creepily

pfs The promise-based alternative for the node.js fs module

pidlock Simple PID-based solution to ensure at most one instance of a node.js app is running.

posix-ext A drop-in replacement for the Node.js modules process, fs and posix providing their POSIX functionality on both POSIX and Windows platforms.

powerwalk Recursively walks a directory and emits filenames. Supports additional stat and read events (if you want them).

pr node builtins wrapped for promises

pslook Pslook is a NodeJS module retrieving processes informations on GNULinux systems without spawning a new process.

pull-file Pull streams implementation of a file reader

qfs File I/O in jQuery way

qnfs Network Node.js [fs]( module base on [qiniu](

random-access-file Continuous reading or writing to a file using random offsets and lengths

read-chunk Read a chunk from a file

read-dir-files Recursively read files from a directory

read-file Lightweight methods for reading from the file system, async and sync, with extras for stripping byte order marks and normalizing newlines.

read-mapped-file Read a file and its associated source map.

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