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backbone-fsm Finite-State Machine for Backbone views and models.

bamjs Backbone with modifications. Adds heirarchy to Views, turns Views into Finite State Machines, adds a mixin for decorating methods and adds utility functions to Models and Collections.

chine A simple, asynchronous finite-state machine router

contraption Finite State Machines for node.js and the browser.

ember-fsm A promise-aware finite state machine implementation for Ember objects

event-fsm Finite-State Machine for Event Emitter

fsm-utils Finite State Machine base function

fsmjs State machines are back

httpdd HTTP Decision Diagram

id-fsm Small Finite State Machine implementation with LiveScript for controlling (async) flow.

ignite An easy-to-use async programming framework inspired by UML2 state machines.

jsfsa A lightweight lib for creating finite-state automata (finite-state machines)

kitchen I think a Pastafarian plundered my colander... Arrrgh!

machina A library for creating powerful and flexible finite state machines. Loosely inspired by Erlang/OTP's gen_fsm behavior.

machina.postal A plugin for machina.js that auto-wires finite state machines into the postal.js local message bus.

machinist Simple State Machines

minfinite Minimal FSM class

noblemachine NodeJS implementation of a finite-state machine with added conventions to make asynchronous coding less painful

node-fsm Finite State Machine library

pfsm Persistent Finite State Machine

picomachine PicoMachine: minimal finite state machine

simple-fsm Create simple finite state machines

state First-class states

state_lite Lightweight state machine library for JavaScript

state_lite.js Lightweight state machine library for JavaScript

state.js Hierarchical finite state machine library for JavaScript

stateful.js Simple implemetation of the State pattern for JavaScript

stately.js Stately.js is a JavaScript based finite-state machine (FSM) engine for Node.js and the browser.

statemachinejs Implementation of State Machine Pattern in JavaScript.

stater A simple finite state machine

stream-fsm streaming finite state machine

submachine A clean and readable DSL for easily creating finite state machines in Node and in the browser.

synchronous-fsm A synchronous FSM that triggers events when entering or leaving a state

yafsm Yet-another-finite-state-machine

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