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anymatch Matches strings against configurable strings, globs, regular expressions, and/or functions

anysort Sorting and matching utility using configurable string, glob, regular expression, and/or function matchers

ap Currying in javascript. Like .bind() without also setting `this`.

arg1 Function wrapper that only passes 1st argument to function

argent Declarative handling of optional parameters

args-js Create javascript functions with optional, default and named paramaters.

argtypes JavaScript function arguments type parser

argue Describes signature of arguments passed to a function.

arguer Normalizes arguments for JavaScript functions with optional arguments and provides optional typing.

argumentative Handle positional, named, and type-delimited arguments within coffeescript functions.

argumentor function tool that takes care of parameters

ary Clips function argument lengths.

assemble-goldcome-functions Assemble的功能函数集合.

assemble-plugin-functions Assemble的功能函数集合.

async-bfs Flexible functional async breadth first search

asynccallguard Make all calls to a function queued and asynchronously guarded

behave Wraps a function to limit the amount of times it can be called, then calls the a notifier function once that limit has been reached.

better-curry Forget Function.bind and func.apply(context, arguments), performance matters! For a better curry!

bind-right Bind function arguments from the right

bindjs Function.prototype.bind() extension

boolbase two functions: One that returns true, one that returns false

browser-emitter A event emitter for browser

browserify-string Run browserify over a string or an inline function

caffeinated-parameters Handle positional, named, and type-delimited arguments within coffeescript functions.

caller-id A utility for getting information on the caller of a function in node.js

cardamom Experimental Coffeescript Prelude

chai-signature Chai.js extensions to help with function precondition testing.

chainof chain functions like `Connect`. for Chain Of Responsibility.

coigres-colors `npm install -g coigres-colors`

create The missing Native.create() functions that ECMA forgot.

css-color-function A parser and converter for Tab Atkins's proposed color function in CSS.

currymember Curries functions.

decorate nodejs function decorators (like connect's middleware)

defn flexible function type-based overloading

defunc Default function arguments helper

defunct Library of functional helper functions

delayed A collection of setTimeout-related function wranglers

delegatejs simple function delegation like jQuery.proxy()

dslify Rewrites functions or modules in terms of a DSL

emit-function because i get tired of typing EE.prototype.emit.bind.bind(EE.prototype.emit)

endo-fantasy Unary functions as monoids (concatable, with empty)

eva Functions to create functions and evaluate expressions

evently simple event-like function stacks

executor Executes a function for a list of arguments but keeps sure that only a limited number of jobs is running at the same time.

express-group Group express routes and middleware

f-queue fqueue is a micro-plugin to queue function execution to handle asyncronous flow and stepping though functions. So you save yourself with ugly callbacks and can make your code more preety.

fast-noise Fast noise functions for Node.JS

fcombine function utility library

fcomp function composition

ffi A foreign function interface (FFI) for Node.js

ffi-prebuilt A foreign function interface (FFI) for Node.js - PREBUILD

file-fun Wrap functions to work with files

findex Indexes locations of functions inside a project by the md5 hash of the function string to find them later.

finkel Flexible currying mixin for Underscore or Lo-Dash

fjson FunkyJSON is an extension of JSON that allows for the transferring of functions and Regular Expressionsvia JSON.

flat-arguments Flatten a function's argument. Like, really flatten

fm function modulation utility module

fn-args Get the arguments of a function

fn-callable Function manipulation library

fn-colors Add colors methods to Function.prototype

fn-compose compose an arbitrary number of functions from right to left.

fn-name Get the name of a named function

fn-object map and filter for object's keys and values, and get a modified object

fninfo get basic info about a function

fnlock Locking for function calls and queuing on lock

fnoverload Help library for function overloading in JavaScript

fnq [Function Queue] - Queue functions to be run in guaranteed order (async)

fnstuff Experimental function argument structure helper for Javascript/Coffeescript

fnutils Collection of utils for Functions

fork-stream Fork a stream in multiple directions according to a function

func-sequence the lite sequence for the execution of function

funcserialize A module to take a function and convert it into an object. And then, with the same object, convert it back into a function. The object is suitable for conversion to JSON via `JSON.stringify`.

funcster Function serialization and deserialization

funcsync JavaScript's function client-server synchronization helper library.

function-comment Given some JavaScript and the line on which a function is defined it returns comments and jsdocs found right above that function.

function-enhancements Some javascript function enhacements. Arguments:pass, prepend, append. Timing: delay, periodical, debounce, throttle, once

function-graph Easily draw function graphs via NodeJS in Terminal.

function-helpers wrappers / helpers for js functions (once memoise throttle)

function-inspector function inspector

function-name Set the "name" property of `function` objects

function-proxy proxy functions to modify arguments or spying

function-queue Simple queue to execute any function on FIFO order.

function-rate-limit Limit the execution rate of any function

function-signature A library for Javascript function signatures

function-source get a function's source

function-to-string Extract parameters and body of a function into strings

function1 Function composition a la Scala's Function1.

functional-shell The functional shell-script exec module

functionary functionary is a small library that extends the function core prototype for expanded functionality for Browser or NodeJS development. It is similar to Prototype.js or sugar.js but only for functions.

functioncreate create functions with prototypal inheritance

functionpool Provides a pool of functions that can be used to execute tasks in Node.js.

funny Funny, a jolly helper for functions.

funstance make an instance callable like a function

funstring Convert functions into strings

generic-function A generic function implementation for node.js with CLOS-like (Common Lisp Object System) syntax.

get-parameter-names Retrieves parameter names from a function

glsl-fog Basic fog functions for GLSL: linear, exp and exp2

grunt-text-replace Replace text in files using strings, regexs or functions.

hamster The ultimate Javascript cache module. Cache the result of any function.

hashargs A decorator utility that allows any function to be called with a hash of named arguments.

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