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akh Monad and Monad Transformer Collection

aljebra Toy implementations of the algebraic structures defined in the Fantasy Land specification, mostly borrowed from Haskell libraries.

bassline JavaScript library providing Maybe, Either, and Promise objects

cats Categories for Javascript

data.validation A disjunction that's more appropriate for validating inputs with better vocabulary & straight-forward failure aggregation.

existence A monadic wrapper for dealing with existence

fancy A strawman implementation of the Fantasy Land spec

fantasy-land Specification for interoperability of common algebraic structures in JavaScript

fantasy-sorcery Common functions to work on Fantasy Land compatible structures.

fantasy-world Collection of common algebraic structures in JavaScript using Fantasy-Land.

fnky A funky (and "souly"?) library for functional programming in Javascript

pacta An algebraic, Promises/A+ compliant implementation of Promises.

rods-node-util A collection of small utility methods.

rods-util A collection of small utility methods.

selectn Resolves deeply-nested object properties via dot or bracket-notation for Node.js and the browser.

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