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drone-ps3-controller Control your ar.drone with ps3 controller.

ds4 Stream events from DualShock 4 controllers

dualshock-controller node library for dual shock controllers

gkey An index of gamepad input mappings for controllers using the HTML5 gamepad API

gp-controls A polling interface for the HTML5 Gamepad API

joystick-logitech-f710 Node.js module to read joystick data from Logitech Gamepad F710

voxel-gamepad Adds gamepad support for voxel.js using the HTML5 Gamepad API

webjoystick SDU_WebJoystick a open source project create by FourDays base on Html5 websocket and Device API. we aim to develop a new way to play game--- use your mobile as gamepad, so you can play your web games in your PC and use he special feature of your phone. ## Install it's a module of Node.js. first you need install node,see <> with the help of Node Packaged Modules tool npm, you can easily install it by

xbox-hid-controller Original Xbox Controller API using node-hid HID device

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