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akihabara A retro gaming engine using Javascript Canvas.

astar A*Star pathfinding for NodeJS game servers.

behavior Class for modeling turn-based game behaviors

bigbang graphical/evented functional programming for js/coffee

blackjack-cli The highest stakes blackjack

caat CAAT for Node.js

cards Basic playing cards module

chilly A platform for multiplayer HTML5 games

cloak A network layer for HTML5 games

cloak-browserify This is a very minor alteration to the Cloak client to make it work with browserify

collide-2d-tilemap 2d tilemap collisions made simple-ish

collide-3d-tilemap 3d tilemap collisions made simple-ish

crtrdg-entity entity module for crtrdg games

crtrdg-gameloop gameloop module for crtrdg – canvas-based animation.

crtrdg-goal achievements module for crtrdg games

crtrdg-keyboard keyboard module for crtrdg

crtrdg-mouse mouse module for 2d games. designed for games using the canvas.

crtrdg-player **example** player module for crtrdg. try it out to learn how to implement your own player module. this one is also used for simple examples.

crtrdg-scene scene module for crtrdg games

emblem-js Server / Client library for HTML5 wealtime multiplayer games.

gamejs thin library on top of canvas

gameloop a gameloop.

generator-game A JS Game library tester for Yeoman

gridworld 2D gridworld representation and canvas renderer, intended for experimentation with various game algorithms.

grunt-preloader-manifest-generator Generates a csv file of assets so they can be preloaded by whatever preloading library you wish

grunt-template-file Replaces file with templated version defined by options. Useful for compile time definitions

hearthstone-card-repo Nodejs library for hearthstone cards playcanvas network extention for websockets

maga mAKE a gaME is a node.js framework for multiplayer games

poker-evaluator A library to evaluate 3, 5 or 7 card poker hands

primo-audio Sound engine for the primojs suite

primo-counter Counter module for measuring the average time of a specific event

primo-menu Basic menu system for PrimoJS

riotgames Riot Games API Client for Node.js

roll node.js package for rolling dice and adding modifiers. ex: 2d6+1

roomba-server Multiplayer game server designed for use with websockets. Manages rooms and users!

shuffle node.js package for shuffling and dealing decks of cards (or anything else you'd like to shuffle)

sirtet This isn't Tetris

swallow A resource manager for delivering and reading content in browser-based games, work in progress

ukkio-cli Client tool to develop, test and (soon) publish your HTML5 game in Ukkio.

zonegrid Scale games by splitting worlds into zones.

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