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akihabara A retro gaming engine using Javascript Canvas.

armory A wrapper for the WoW Armory API.

bufftracker Track and calculate so-called 'buffs' in Pathfinder (and other 3.5 games)

dancemat PS3 compatible dancemat controller into Node.js

gamed Javascript classes to handle different aspects of creating browser games.

hearthstone-card-repo Nodejs library for hearthstone cards playcanvas network extention for websockets

primo-lumber Encode a pile of files into base64

primo-timer A timer class for keeping a consistent logical frame-rate in JS based games

ps3.js A PS3 Dualshock 3 Controller hook for Node.js powered by Node-HID and echtzeit.

rbkey-midi A Rock Band keyboard to MIDI bridge

sprite_generator Take a directory of images and outputs a spritemap where each row of images corresponds to a numbered list of files and a json file detailing the pixel locations and number of frames for each sprite provides a super-easy framework for managing peer-to-peer WebRTC data connections.

twitchtv A Node.js library for's REST API

wii-controller Wii controller for node

xbox-controller Xbox controller for node

xbox-node A wrapper to query the xbox search API

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