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2co Module that will provide nodejs adapters for 2checkout API payment gateway

amqp-logger Logging to amqp and to your own application tracer (for example console)

authnet_cim CIM Interface.

file-gateway Optimize the apps with multiple data files

guardian Authentication Gateway Proxy

ib Interactive Brokers TWS (or IB Gateway) API client library for Node.js

mod-aspsms a SMS gateway provider for Aspsms

mollie-api-node Official Mollie API client for Node (by Mollie B.V.)

net-registry Process payments via NetRegistry API

node-http-gateway An gateway to proxy http/https/ws/wss outcoming message to inner services

owg This is the one way gateway which publishes your messages via different protocols into services using the popular node js middleware framework - connect

paymill-wrapper PAYMILL REST API Javascrip wrapper. Work with Node, and is easily extendable for other platforms

pswincom-gateway Send sms messages through PSWinCom Gateway

puntopagos Node.js module to integrate PuntoPagos

pxpay A node module for using the Payment Express PXPay 2.0 service for payment processing

rtc-janus Node and browserify compatible integration layer for the Janus WebRTC gateway

seneca-pay Seneca payment plugin

seneca-stripe-pay Stripe pay strategy for the Seneca payment plugin

tel-carrier Lookup the carrier and sms / mms gateway email addresses for a given phone number

tel-carrier-gateways Lookup the carrier and sms / mms gateway email addresses for a given company name or comment

urgentilio Urgent email to SMS sender

westpac-payway Process payments via Westpac PayWay API

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