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easy-gd Node-gd extended with features making image processing easier: open an image of any supported format; resize an image doing no math at all; put watermarks like a boss.

gd-image2pixels Uses a node-gd image object to create a two-dimensional array of pixel objects

gd-magicopen Opens an image in node-gd based on its MIME type

image2pixels Opens and converts image to pixels

node-gd libgd C++ bindings for Node.js

node-watermarker CLI Script to resize images and put a watermark on them, all to a new directory

picsee Node middleware for Photo Management, Image Cropping, and Uploading, ExpressJS Compatible.

pixel-sorter Sorts out that big pixel mess in your image and creates order

terminal-pixelscreen Create a terminal pixelscreen.

userbar Simple lib to create classic Userbars

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