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adb-cmd wrapper for adb commands

foxdriver [![Build Status](](

marionette-apps A node library that manages Firefox OS applications through Marionette.

marionette-b2gdesktop-host marionette-js-runner host for b2g-desktop

marionette-device-host marionette-js-runner host for device (and emulator)

marionette-firefox-host marionette-firefox-host =======================

marionette-helper marionette-helper =================

marionette-host-environment Firefox / B2G runtime manager.

marionette-js-helper marionette-helper =================

marionette-js-logger Realtime host -> desktop logging

marionette-plugin-forms A plugin for manipulating form fields

marionette-settings-api A node library that provides access to MozSettings through Marionette.

mozilla-download Download firefox/b2g-desktop runtimes

mozilla-extract Extract a mozilla product from .tar.bz2 or .dmg

mozilla-profile-builder Create profiles for firefox/b2g desktop

mozilla-runner Firefox / B2G runtime manager.

packaged-webapp Utility module for installing an app as preloaded & packaged app

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