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amqp-gelf-stream Creates a stream to work with bunyan to send log messages to an amqp server in gelf format. This is derivative of gelf-stream which provides a direct connection to a Graylog2 server.

chronos Log cronjob results to graylog2

gelf gelf is a full implementation for sending messages in GELF (Graylog Extended Log Format) from node.js

gelf-encode Encode json into GELF compliant binary buffer(s)

gelf-stream A stream to send JS objects to a Graylog2 server (in GELF format)

gelfling Create and send GELF (Graylog2) messages, including chunking

gelfr Node package to receive GELF events

graygelf Fully compliant GELF/Graylog2 client and server

log4js-gelf GELF appender for log4js

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