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appbuildr a simple code generation tool for developers

appbuildr-java-app extension for appbuildr to build java-apps.

appgen A toolkit for building multiple versions of the same app.

assemble-collections Node library for managing collections of items in or out of Assemble.

assemble-less-variables Pass variables to Less.js before compiling. From Jon Schlinkert, core team member of Less.js.

assetman Ninja generator with focus on glob patterns

atropa-package-generator A node.js module for generating templated files and directory structures without gettting heavy with configs and strange language.

bootstrap-nav Generate a bootstrap-nav from a javascript definition

css-builder Build CSS in Javascript, no preprocessors!

datafixture.js generate mock data objects

db-filters Systematic database query generation and abstraction

diceware Simple diceware utility (

dockit automatic documentation generator

docme Generates github compatible API documentation from your project's jsdocs and adds them to your Readme.

erratic generate random sentences from BNF grammars

extract-components This is a proof-of-concept. some quick and dirty utils for extracting UI components from HTML using CSS selectors.

extrude-edges Takes a 2D shape and generates the sides of an extruded mesh.

fabrication Fabricate real objects with fake data

fast-noise Fast noise functions for Node.JS

fgen A file generator library to be used to generate project structures, file templates and/or snippets. Templates are based on mustache.

find-path Given a search string and a list of file paths, find the closest path.

flat-generate Generate machine unique ids and tokens.

fsplates a cli tool for rendering project boilerplate

fvg Faceless Vector Graphics is a little image format that compiles into SVG using node.js

genapp A customizable generator application using fgen.

genData A normalization pattern to build, query, and manipulate everything.

generate-geo-testing-data use a geonames extract to generate testing geocodes, tiles, and bounding boxes

generate-sourcemap Generates a source map for files that were packed into a bundle.

generate-vc generates an HTML, SCSS and Javascript files for Yoeman Angular Template

generate-wallet generate-wallet ===============

generaterandom A quick way to generate a random alphanumeric, numeric or alphabetical strings of any length.

generato Generates projects

gh-clone git clone a repo with only username/repo.

git-username Extract the username from a git remote origin URL.

grand Generate random data

grunt-contributors Gets git contributors and puts them in package.json

grunt-duplicate Duplicate files with templating support

grunt-durandal Grunt Durandal Builder - Build durandal project using a custom require config and a custom almond

grunt-html-build Grunt HTML Builder - Appends scripts and styles, Removes debug parts, append html partials, Template options

grunt-init Generate project scaffolding from a template.

grunt-init-project Grunt plugin to generate project files and structure

grunt-kunstmaan-generate Easily create new SCSS modules within a Kunstmaan project.

grunt-phaser Grunt plugin for Phaser, the deadliest markdown documentation generator in the Alpha Quadrant.

grunt-readme Grunt plugin for generating a README from templates, including an optional table of contents. No Gruntfile config is necessary, just choose a starter template and you'll be ready to go.

grunt-script-link-tags Automatically generate script tags and link tags for your HTML

grunt-stylist Extract selectors from files into stylesheets.

grunt-verb Grunt plugin for Verb, the markdown documentation generator with zero-configuration required.

grunt-writefile Writes static files using handlebars templates.

grvtr small gravatar node.js library

gulp-durandal A gulp plugin for building durandaljs projects.

hajimaru A project generator for nodejs

handlebars-helper-analytics Handlebars helper for adding Google Analytics scripts to the head and/or footer

handlebars-helper-resolve WIP, don't use yet! This helper consults the context and config values to automatically resolve the correct path to the specificed destination file.

helpers-utils Utility methods commonly used for writing helper libraries.

htgen Simple but featured hypertext markup code generator

html-generate Generate HTML from a plain object definition

htmlgen Simple canonical HTML generator.

huk A library for generating HTML code.

HuK A library generating HTML code

huk-browserify generate html with javascript

inline-source-map Adds source mappings and base64 encodes them, so they can be inlined in your generated file.

is-git-url Regex to validate that a URL is a git url.

jekyll-cli CLI for Jekyll by NodeJS

jsdoc2 A port of JSDoc2 Toolkit that runs on Node

jsmidgen a pure-JavaScript MIDI file generator

key-forge A simple random key generator for use with Node.

kindling Project bootstrapping with an emphasis on simplicity.

kindling-browserify a kindling generator for browserify

kindling-docpad a kindling generator for docpad

kindling-kindling a kindling generator for a kindling generator

kindling-reveal.js a kindling generator for reveal.js

lazyseq lazy sequence mapreduce generator

liquid-to-handlebars Node.js lib for converting liquid templates to handlebars templates. Whipped this up as a quick and dirty, preliminary step to extracting HTML components from Bootstrap's docs, in a way that makes them actually reusable.

madlibs string based fake data

maker Generates files from various templates and inputs

math-gen This is a library for generating semi-random math problems

mongoskin-slug A demo to show how to generate and use slugs with mongoskin

mutiny Recursively mutates files in a given directory.

nid Nice clean-mouthed random id generation, without any swearing!

ninja-build-gen Programmatically create Ninja build-system files

node-boil My node module generator

node-emdr-client Super simple EMDR client written in Node

node-livedocx Generate PDF and Word documents from template, using node.js and the livedocx webservice

officegen Office Open XML Generator using Node.js streams. Supporting Microsoft Office 2007 and later Word (docx), PowerPoint (pptx,ppsx) and Excel (xlsx). This module is for all frameworks and environments. No need for any commandline tool - this module is doing everything inside it.

officegen-2 Office Open XML Generator using Node.js streams. Supporting Microsoft Office 2007 and later Word (docx), PowerPoint (pptx,ppsx) and Excel (xlsx). This module is for all frameworks and environments. No need for any commandline tool - this module is doing everything inside it.

parse-authors Parse the AUTHORS file into an array of authors objects.

path-svg Chainable SVG path string generator with some sugar added

pdf-fdf-generator Generate PDF files containing forms, filled with values using FDF files and PDFtk.

pwhash Generate password hashes from the command line.

read-data Utils for reading JSON and YAML data files.

readme-badges Badge templates for Phaser.

readme-boilerplates README boilerplates, for Phaser.

readme-contrib Templates for grunt-readme.

readme-templates Templates for Phaser.

reddit-api-generator Generates the Reddit API into various formats

repeat-string Repeat the given string, n times.

repo-licenses License templates for Phaser.

repo-templates Dotfile templates and other templates for kickstarting a GitHub repo with Phaser.

repos Pull down a list of GitHub repositories for the specified user or org, and save to a local JSON file.

rg generate readme docs the way I like

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