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2gis A simple way to use the 2GIS API from Node.js

2gis-api 2GIS API for Node.js

adamvr-geoip-lite A light weight native JavaScript implementation of GeoIP API from MaxMind

addressit Freeform Street Address Parser

cities1000 lat/lon, names of cities with over 1000 people

clipsy a node.js port of jsclipper [JS]... which is a port of clipper [C++, C#, Delphi]

clipsy-geojson conversion module for clipsy and geojson

d3-geo The functions from src/geo in the d3 repo

deadsea a library for preventing map-scrolling fail

factual-api nodejs package for factual api

generate-geo-testing-data use a geonames extract to generate testing geocodes, tiles, and bounding boxes

geo Geo is a very basic, but simple and extendable, geocode library for Node.js. Currently it only supports Google's Geocode API (v3) - Geo Spatial features are coming out soon

geo-hash Encode/Decode geohashes.

geo-tools Tools to help geocode, reverse geocode, and calculate location distances

geodist Simple geographic distance calculator

geodna geodna for node

geohash-helper geohash-helper - Library that provides geohash based functions

geoip-lite A light weight native JavaScript implementation of GeoIP API from MaxMind

geoip-lite-ideame A light weight native JavaScript implementation of GeoIP API from MaxMind

geoip-lite-rm A light weight native JavaScript implementation of GeoIP API from MaxMind

geoip-lite-with-city-data A light weight native JavaScript implementation of GeoIP API from MaxMind

geoip-stream Maxmind GeoIP Stream

geojs Simple Geospatial Types and Tools for Javascript

geojson-bounding-volume minimum bounding volumes for geojson

geojson-extent compute the bounding box of geojson features

geojson-validation A GeoJSON Validation Library

geolib Library to perform geo specific tasks

geolitecity Maxmind GeoLiteCity.dat data.

geonames-postal-codes-import-nodejs Import Postal Codes from into a database

geonode Geography for Node.js

geonode-simplegeo Geography for Node.js

geos-major Lightning fast longitude and latitude lookup for country and state codes

geotools IP to Country/Region lookup module

geotrouvetou A simple library to find nearest geo point from a set of geolocations

googlemaps A simple way to query the Google Maps API from Node.js

gpx-parse GPX parser for Node.js

grunt-togeojson Grunt task for converting KML and GPX files to GeoJSON

gulp-geojson convert multipule file format to geojson.

i64 URL safe Base64 Integer Strings (BIS) and conversion tools. Supports both fast conversions for regular integers and large integer strings. Assists with compression as fewer base 64 digits are needed to represent larger integers than base 10 digits. Unlike RFC-3548 Base 64 encodings, readability of BIS is improved for small integers by using an alphabet that extends base-converter

iso-3166-2 Lookup information about ISO-3166-2 subdivisions.

j-geo Ip to geolocation api

kdt 100% JS k-d tree. Port of kd-tree-javascript.

leaflet-pip point in polygon searches for leaflet

level-geospatial Geospatial indexing for leveldb

maxmind IP lookup using Maxmind databases

maxminded Auto updating maxmind GeoIP lookup for free and paid maxmind accounts and optional cloudflare fallback

mixdown-geotools Geography tools for working with maps, or geometry in javascript. Can be used as library or in mixdown.

modestmaps a display and interaction library for tile-based maps

mongeo This is a script that generates a mongoDB the location of the IP.

mt-geo Geodesy representation conversion functions.

mt-latlon Latitude/longitude spherical geodesy formulae and scripts.

node-geocoder node geocoding library, supports google maps, mapquest, open street map, tom tom, promise

node-geocoder-ca Node.js module to interface with the API

nodutils Node utilities to manage common operations over: string, numeric, array, date, file, url, cache, properties files, geocoding

operatorip IP to Operator, custom version from geotools

placefinder a yahoo placefinder library

placename find a normalized place name and lat/lon from a free-form location query

plumper Makes your polyline look fat using routeboxer algorithm

poly-extractor takes valid geojson multipolygons and denormalizes them into polygons for use with arcgis js

postals postal code centroids

proj4geojson transform geojson

proj4js-defs Wrapper for all epsg definitions from PostGIS for proj4js in one easy-to-use file

provinces state and province lists for countries

quadkey A simple module to convert latitude/longitude/levelOfDetail to quadkey

quadtree geospatial quadtree encoding and decoding.

redis-geo redis geo-ip lokup

route-walker Walk a geo route and do stuff.

shp Convert shapefiles into geoJson without ogr2ogr/GDAL

shp2json Convert shapefile zip archives into GeoJSON using ogr2ogr with a streaming interface

states-countify Each of the fifty, nifty United States in GeoJSON format.

tilelive-overlay use geojson and simplestyle features rendered with mapnik

tilemath Math for map tiles

tilethief A mirroring map tile proxy

tokml convert geojson to kml

turf a node.js library for performing geospatial operations with geojson

turf-center turf center module

turf-point turf point module

uk-postcode Parse and validate UK postcodes

where Geographical utilities for location-based Node.js applications

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