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areaeditor An editor integrated with Google Maps for editing GeoJSON MultiPolygons

atc-radar Worldwide catalog of air traffic control radars.

clipsy-geojson conversion module for clipsy and geojson

coati Transform GeoJSON data to PostgreSQL/PostGIS data

convert-geo convert multi-format to geojson.

esri2geo convert esri JSON to geojson

gbush rbush, with geojson

geocodify geocode spreadsheet files

geocolor style geojson based on data classifications

geohub A geojson in github extractor

geojson-area calculate the physical area of a geojson geometry

geojson-assert assertion testing about geojson

geojson-bounding-volume minimum bounding volumes for geojson

geojson-flatten transform geojson into single-parts

geojson-normalize normalize different geojson forms into featurecollections

geojson-numeric Makes properties of geojson features numeric.

geojson-rewind enforce winding order for geojson

geojson-stream stream features into and out of geojson

geojson-summary return a text summary of what is in a geojson object

geojson-tools Tools for working with location data, using the GeoJSON specification

geojson-utils GeoJSON Utilities for JavaScript

geojson-validation A GeoJSON Validation Library

geojson2 a geojson exporting utility belt

geojson2csv a module for converting a geojson file to a csv file

geojson2dsv shuttle geojson points into csv encoding

geojson2kml a module for converting a geojson file to a kml file

geojson2shape a module for converting a geojson file to a shape file

geojson2svg Converts geojson to svg/path string given svg viewport size and maps extent.

geojson2topojson a module for converting a geojson file to a topojson file

geojson2wkt Converter to parse GeoJSON geometries in WKT format

geojsonhint validate and sanity-check geojson files

gj2pg geoJSON to PostgreSQL/PostGIS

grunt-geojsonhint Grunt task to run geojsonhint

grunt-togeojson Grunt task for converting KML and GPX files to GeoJSON

gs2geojson simple google spreadsheet to geoJSON converter

gulp-geojson convert multipule file format to geojson.

indoor-json IndoorJSON specification and validator

joiner A simple utility for SQL-like joins with Json or GeoJson data. Also creates join reports so you can know how successful a given join was.

json-cli convert multipule file format to json.

json-type find out what type is the json is.

leaflet-geojson-stream leaflet geojson loading with streaming

leaflet.ajax AJAX and JSONP in Leaflet

level-tree geohash (ish) nontree (9-tree) spatial indexing for GeoJSON in LevelDB

mapshaper A tool for editing polygon and polyline datasets for mapping.

mongoose-geojson-schema Schema definitions for GeoJSON types for use with Mongoose JS

multigeojson Converts mutli parts geojson to many single part geojsons and vice-versa.

ogre ogr2ogr web client

osm-and-geojson convert to and from osm and geojson files

osm-gpx retrieve GPX data from the OSM API

osm2geojson Streams OSM data in XML format to GeoJSON.

osmtogeojson convert OSM to geojson

point-grouper group geojson points into containing polygons

poly-extractor takes valid geojson multipolygons and denormalizes them into polygons for use with arcgis js

portlnd-atlas Generate topojson from a variety of Portland, Oregon geographic data

postgeo Return PostGIS queries as GeoJSON or TopoJSON

proj4geojson transform geojson

rbush.geojson rbush, with geojson

reproject Reproject GeoJSON from one projection/CRS to another

shapefile An implementation of the shapefile (.shp) spatial data format.

shp Convert shapefiles into geoJson without ogr2ogr/GDAL

shp2json Convert shapefile zip archives into GeoJSON using ogr2ogr with a streaming interface

tcx parse tcx files, generating geojson

togpx convert geojson to gpx

tokml convert geojson to kml

topojson An extension to GeoJSON that encodes topology.

turf a node.js library for performing geospatial operations with geojson

turf-bbox-polygon turf bboxPolygon module

turf-center turf center module

turf-envelope turf envelope module

turf-extent turf extent module

turf-featurecollection turf featureCollection module

turf-filter turf filter module

turf-inside turf inside module

turf-linestring turf lineString module

turf-midpoint turf midpoint module

turf-nearest turf nearest module

turf-point turf point module

turf-polygon turf polygon module

turf-remove turf remove module

turf-sample turf sample module

turf-size turf size module

turf-square turf square module

turf-tag turf tag module

turf-within turf within module

tylr A vector tile cache generator for geojson files

tzwhere Determine timezone from lat/long

us-atlas Roll your own TopoJSON from the National Atlas one million-scale dataset.

wellknown convert wkt to geojson

world-atlas Roll your own TopoJSON from Natural Earth.

yelp2geo Search for places related to TERM in CITY and render geocoded results

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