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atlaspack Pack rectangles (or images) into a rectangle (or canvas texture atlas).

barycentric Converts points to barycentric coordinates

binpacking binary tree based bin packing algorithm

box-frustum Checks if an axis aligned bounding box intersects a camera frustum.

circumcenter Computes circumcenters of simplices

clipsy a node.js port of jsclipper [JS]... which is a port of clipper [C++, C#, Delphi]

coati Transform GeoJSON data to PostgreSQL/PostGIS data

compare-angle Compares two angles with a common edge

constellation A grid geometry toolkit for controlling 2D sprite motion.

d3-geom The functions from src/geom in the d3 repo

delaunay-fast Fast Delaunay Triangulation in JavaScript

delaunay-triangulate Exact Delaunay triangulation

differential Homological exterior derivartive with integer coefficients

dot-obj A generic parser for the .obj 3D geometry format

face-normals Given an array of triangles' vertices, return a `Float32Array` of their normal vectors.

fieldkit Basic building blocks for computational design projects. Written in CoffeeScript for browser and server environments.

geocrunch Quick and simple geographic calcs

geographiclib GeographicLib ( node.js port

geom A collection of terse, efficient geometry tools.

geom-mat A collection of terse, efficient affine matrix tools.

geom-poly A collection of terse, efficient polygon tools.

geom-vec A collection of terse, efficient vector tools.

geomath AMD Geometry and Matrix modules using reuse pattern for better performance

geometry JavaScript library for working with objects in a two-dimensional coordinate system.

gj2pg geoJSON to PostgreSQL/PostGIS

greedy-mesher Greedy mesh compiler

heya-dom DOM: the venerable Dojo DOM utilities.

hypotrochoid Returns points across one or more hypotrochoids

incremental-delaunay Incremental Delaunay triangulation

is-triangle return whether an array of points (in any dimension) describe a triangle

js-2dmath Fast 2d geometry math: Vector2, Rectangle, Circle, Matrix2x3 (2D transformation), Circle, BoundingBox, Line2, Segment2, Intersections, Distances, Transitions (animation/tween), Random numbers, Noise

jsts A JavaScript library of spatial predicates and functions for processing geometry

line2 perform operations on infinite lines in 2 dimensions

mertan geometrical operations

mesh-geodesic Approximate geodesic distance for triangulated meshes

mesh-normals Given a list of vertices and faces, generate the normals for a triangle mesh.

mixdown-geotools Geography tools for working with maps, or geometry in javascript. Can be used as library or in mixdown.

mokolo Collection of machine learning algorithms: Non-Negative Matrix Factorization for JavaScript

mongoose-geojson-schema Schema definitions for GeoJSON types for use with Mongoose JS

multipoint Multipoint Translation and Operations Library

ndconvolve n-dimensional convolutions

ndthree The unholy union of three.js and ndarrays

node-occ OpenCascade OCE Wrapper for Node js

normals Estimates normals for meshes

paper The Swiss Army Knife of Vector Graphics Scripting

planar-dual Find the faces of a planar graph

point-displace offset points by angles, displacements, and other points

point-in-region Quickly and robustly determines which region contains a given query point

point-in-simplex Checks if a point is contained in a simplex

poly2tri A 2D constrained Delaunay triangulation library

polygon utility for working with polygons (arrays of vec2s)

polygon.clip clip a polygon with another

polytope-closest-point Computes the closest point to a polytope in arbitrary dimensions

qhull-js A port of qhull to JavaScript

ray Minimal Ray geometric primitive

rectangle-node An object representing a rectangle.

right right =====

rle-core Core tools for working with narrow band level sets in JavaScript

rle-rasterize Rasterizes meshes into narrowband level sets

rle-sample Methods for sampling narrowband level sets

robust-in-sphere Exact arithmetic test to check if point is contained in sphere

robust-orientation Exactly computes the orientation of a tuple of points

segment2 2d line segment

shape Simple 2D shape generators

simplicial-cartesian-product Cartesian product of simplicial complexes

simplify-geometry Simplify geometry using the Ramer–Douglas–Peucker algorithm.

simplify-js A high-performance JavaScript 2D/3D polyline simplification library

spatial-grid Computes closest points to meshes and polygons

static-range-query Fast n-dimensional orthogonal range searches for static point sets

straightcurve basic 2D geometry library

teapot The Utah Teapot

three JavaScript 3D library

toxiclibsjs toxiclibsjs is an open-source library for computational design tasks with JavaScript.

turf a node.js library for performing geospatial operations with geojson

vec2 manipulate vectors in 2d

vector2-node An object representing a 2D vector.

vishull2d Visible regions for 2D poly-lines

voronoi-map JavaScript port of Amit Patel's mapgen2 Map generator for games. Generates island maps with a focus on mountains, rivers, coastlines.

write-vrml Serializes a mesh to a VRML file

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