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cachebox Mongo-driven query cache that supports geospatial lookups

geo Geo is a very basic, but simple and extendable, geocode library for Node.js. Currently it only supports Google's Geocode API (v3) - Geo Spatial features are coming out soon

geojs Simple Geospatial Types and Tools for Javascript

geonames Utilities for working with data

geopouch Put some geo in your pouch

level-geospatial Geospatial indexing for leveldb

level-nearby-stream Stream in nearby places using the browser's geolocation and level-places.

level-tree geohash (ish) nontree (9-tree) spatial indexing for GeoJSON in LevelDB

metageo a real-time spatial and temporal mapping server

nearestjs Utility library for calculating the nearest set of things to a target thing, geospatially speaking

quadtree geospatial quadtree encoding and decoding.

sweepline Detect self-intersecting polygons in Javascript. An implementation of the Bentley–Ottmann sweep line algorithm for detecting crossings in a set of line segments.

turf a node.js library for performing geospatial operations with geojson

turf-center turf center module

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