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array-index Invoke getter/setter functions on array-like objects

backbone-attrs ES5 getters/setters for Backbone models

Backbone.Mutators Backbone plugin to override getters and setters with logic

copy-to copy an object's properties to another object

etter Simpler getters and setters.

func-prop Functional helper for getting a prop on an object, sync and async

getsetdeep Get and set nested variables of an object, includes support for Backbone Models

getter Helper for adding getters and setters into your object. For node and browser.

getto Mix a 'get' method into Object instances that understands nested paths.

glorify Glorify your classes!

magic Magic Method/getter/setters for Node.JS (Basic ES5 Harmony Proxies)

object-manage A library for managing javascript objects and offering common getter, setter, merge support.

perfget Fastest method for returning deeply nested properties based on a string path.

queueablegettersetter.js Queuable Getter Setter for Javascript

setter-method getter setter methods without the boilerplate

show-methods list all the methods in a node object

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