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brucedown A near-perfect GitHub style Markdown to HTML converter

gfm-linkify linkify repository references in github-flavored markdown text, such as sha1, user/repo@sha1, #issue, etc

gfm-table generate GFM style table

gfms Github Flavored Markdown Server

grunt-readme-generator A grunt task to generate a dynamic from partial markdown files in readme folder. Specifically designed for GitHub projects!

handlebars-helper-md Convert markdown to HTML. Use wildcard (glob) patterns for files. Like Assemble itself, this helper will automatically determine the correct context to use, or a context may be explicitly passed in as a second parameter.

markdown-symbols Easily add and create custom symbols to use in markdown, and then compile them to HTML.

marked-extras Extras for marked.js. Utils, language definitions, templates for custom headings and sensible defaults.

namp Markdown parser for Node, with Maruku, GFM, and PHP Extras support, plus more. Based on marked.

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