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cconv A Coordinate Conversion node module

chai-leaflet Chai assertions to use with Leaflet map apps

coati Transform GeoJSON data to PostgreSQL/PostGIS data

exif_stream Turn photos into a data stream.

extents compute the bounding extents of a polygon

fgdb parsing an esri file GDB IN JAVASCRIPT!

generator-leaflet Yeoman generator that scaffolds out a very basic leaflet map application.

geocrunch Quick and simple geographic calcs

geojson-bounding-volume minimum bounding volumes for geojson

geojson2 a geojson exporting utility belt

geojson2csv a module for converting a geojson file to a csv file

geojson2kml a module for converting a geojson file to a kml file

geojson2shape a module for converting a geojson file to a shape file

geojson2topojson a module for converting a geojson file to a topojson file

geonames Utilities for working with data

geonode Geography for Node.js

geonode-simplegeo Geography for Node.js

geoservices Javascript Bindings for Geoservices

gj2pg geoJSON to PostgreSQL/PostGIS

gpstracker A server for the 'GPS/GPRS Tracker' tk102, tk103, tk104 and 106

leaflet JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps

leaflet-filelayer Loads local files (GeoJSON, GPX, KML) into the map using the HTML5 FileReader API

leaflet-geometryutil Leaflet utility functions on geometries

leaflet-layerindex Spatial index of Leaflet layer objects using RTree.js

leaflet-layerjson A Dynamic Leaflet Layer that load/filter dinamically JSON data from Ajax/Jsonp, with caching

leaflet-search Leaflet Control for searching markers/features by attribute on map or remote searching in jsonp/ajax

leaflet-textpath Shows a text (or a pattern) along a Polyline

leaflet.heat A tiny and fast Leaflet heatmap plugin.

leaflet.markercluster Provides Beautiful Animated Marker Clustering functionality for Leaflet

mgrs Utility for converting between WGS84 lat/lng and MGRS coordinates

nen1878reader Library to read NEN1878 data

node_scraper Background tool to acquire files and folders needed for development.

ogre ogr2ogr web client

openstreetmap-mongo Store Openstreetmap data in Mongo DB

openstreetmapmongo Store Openstreetmap data in Mongo DB

photos_to_kml Convert a folder of images to KML

point-grouper group geojson points into containing polygons

proj4geojson transform geojson

rtree2d RTree module for Javascript. Supports range searches and nearest neighbour searches.

shp2json Convert shapefile zip archives into GeoJSON using ogr2ogr with a streaming interface

sosi Stream .sos files. SOSI is a much used geospatial vector data format for predominantly used for exchange of geographical information in Norway

terraformer-arcgis-parser ArcGIS JSON format parser and converter

terraformer-geostore GeoStore for Terraformer, helps a geo-database toolkit

terraformer-geostore-localstorage LocalStorage module for Terraformer GeoStore

terraformer-geostore-memory Memory module for Terraformer GeoStore

terraformer-rtree RTree index for Terraformer GeoStore

terraformer-wkt-parser Well-Known Text parser

turf a node.js library for performing geospatial operations with geojson

turf-bbox-polygon turf bboxPolygon module

turf-center turf center module

turf-featurecollection turf featureCollection module

turf-inside turf inside module

turf-linestring turf lineString module

turf-nearest turf nearest module

turf-polygon turf polygon module

turf-square turf square module

where Geographical utilities for location-based Node.js applications

whoots.js A WMS to TMS proxy

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