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apache-git-commit-hooks a scraper for apache git web frontend to enable git commit hooks. git commit hooks would do the job too but eh, cant do that at apache.

authors print a markdown list of authors/contributors to your git repo, including github usernames

auto_npm Automatically update NPM packages and Git tags

axeman simplified git workflow

beautify.hks Beautify your javascript with each commit

bit A multi-repository git tool

bitter Minimal blog engine for Git and Markdown enthusiasts

blogit Minimalist Node.js blog engine using Markdown and Git for storage.

botdylan github bot

brief Generate and publish Github pages quickly and easily.

buildbot-github A module which listens for Github webhook events and triggers a Buildbot build when a comment with trigger string defined in a config is found in a pull request.

buildbranch Publish a folder to the given build branch (like gh-pages).

bumpitup Bump your package version and commit

cgit git cli

changelog-builder Compare git/svn branches and build a changelog from the log diff

changelogger Changelog generator for git repositories

chocolate A full stack Node.js web framework built using Coffeescript

cicada a teeny git-based continuous integration server

cli-log This project provides common log methods for command line.

clogs show git logs for multiple branches in columns in your browser

cloned clones a module at the given revision

cloyster Git deploy cluster based on ploy and node-discover

commit Some git automation

commitish generate fake commit sha1s.substr(0,6)s

contre Continuously release git repos into github-style directories

copy_diff Take file diffs as input and copy or print modified files.

cronbackup Nuxeo Content Management System cron backup application

cronica Git based content versioning.

cyberhobo Offline `git push` and `npm publish` for cyberhobos

deploy-to Git deployment utility script.

dispatch-clone Clone a remote repo to local disk for use in dispatch server

docpad-plugin-gitrestapi Docpad plugin that supplies a REST API for interacting with Git

docpad-plugin-repocloner DocPad plugin that clones out repos into your website

dont-commit-conflicts.hks stop contributors from commiting conflicts

dploy Command line tool to deploy websites using FTP/SFTP and git.

draft-dodger Temporarily add jekyll blog drafts to your .gitignore

easygit manage dajie git

ee-project Loads config.js files in the project roo directory, provides infos about git

esprima.hks a syntax valadation pre-commit hook

express-devbar Development bar middleware that shows Git/Heroku info.

express-rollback An auto-rollback of express server

eye-of-git watch-events for changes to head in specified git branches

farmjs A node.js server farm with everything you ever dreamed of

fgit Git in Javascript

flick GitHub post-receive hooks handler

force-dedupe-git-modules forcibly dedupes the git-based NPM modules in node_modules

foundry Release manager for npm, bower, component, PyPI, git tags, and any plugin you can write

foundry-release-git git release library for foundry

fs2 fs (file system package) extensions

fsplusgit Wrap node.js' fs module and expose the contents of git repositories

ftp-diff-deployer Incremetally push to your FTP server. `ftp-diff-deployer` has a special integration with git, but can work everywhere.

fuchur Fuchur analyzes the status of git repositories with ease.

gato Git Automated Timetracking tOol.

geisha Exports the hash of the commit referenced by ".git/HEAD", relative to the top-level module

gepo Normalize a git repository for opening in a browser

ggit Local git command wrappers

gh GitHub command line tools.

gh-client Minimal streaming client for the github API

gh-pages Publish to a gh-pages branch on GitHub (or any other branch on any other remote)

ghib create meaningful branch names based on github issues

ghub<package-name> takes you to the package's github page

gift a Git wrapper library

gig gig is useful generator for .gitignore files

gihook Git web-hook receiver that created for run some code on push to git repo.

gistbase A noSQL database composed of gists

gistup Initialize a gist from the command-line.

git-add Interactive Git add

git-apply-delta apply delta buffer to target buffer

git-archive Export a bare git repo as a single tarball file to a given path

git-autoregister-odb autoregister git object databases

git-bd A new working directory for each git branch.

git-branch Get the current branch for a local git repository.

git-branch-d-ui Web ui for deleting git branches

git-branch-deploy Setup repository branch for deployment

git-commit-info Simple utility that allows to get the latest commit info

git-contributors A nodejs module providing contribution stats for your git repository

git-control Git operations

git-core Simple library for working git core structures(blobs, trees, commits, tags and packs) without a repository

git-create-delta create git deltas between two buffers

git-credential A simple utility to get user's git credentials from node

git-dropbox Archives git repositories to your dropbox folder.

git-emit expose git hooks through an event emitter

git-encrypt Transparent Git Encryption

git-export-file Export (from a git repo) a particular revision of the specified file(s). Defaults to the last revision in which each file was changed.

git-fb Git feature-branch workflow helper commands

git-fetch A codec for fetching a git repo over tcp.

git-fetch-pack git's smart fetch-pack protocol

git-file read file and directory data from a git repo as streams

git-fish Github Web Hook Listener

git-fs-db A js-git interface adapter that implements db using fs.

git-fs-repo filesystem backed git repository

git-fuzzy Makes Git a little fuzzier.

git-gh git extensions for github

git-heads Summarize `git branch -av` in a table, and see local and remote branch HEADs.

git-history stream git history

git-http-backend serve a git repository over http

git-hubsearch NPM like GitHub search CLI

git-hydrate-pack hydrate deltafied pack objects in a git pack stream

git-init-remote git init-remote host:path/to/repo.git

git-interface some interfaces for work with git repository

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