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git-issues1 Git issues extension to list issues of a Git project

git-jira This module integrates JIRA into Git

git-list-objects list all git objects (in recency order)

git-list-pack create a readable stream of a packfile's contents, sans an index file

git-lite git clone to local path

git-load-refs stream of git refs given a stream of paths and fs.Stats

git-log Git log stream using jsgit

git-ls-remote A very simple interface to git ls-remote

git-multi-status Execute git status across multiple directories.

git-object Simple library to retrieve git objects from a repository.

git-object-blob parse and create git blob objects

git-object-commit parse and create git commit objects

git-object-hash turn git objects into 40 character hex hashes

git-object-tag parse and create git tag objects

git-object-tree parse and create git tree objects

git-objectify-pack transform offset+data bits into full git objects

git-odb object database manager for git

git-odb-loose git loose object database

git-odb-pack git packfile object database

git-origin-url Retrieve the git remote origin URL of the current repo.

git-pack-objects pack objects based on output from git-list-objects

git-packed-ref-parse streaming git packed-ref parser

git-packfile git packfile library for looking up and decoding git objects

git-packidx-parser git pack index file parser

git-parse-human parse author and committer names from git commits

git-pkt-line pkt-line encoder and decoder as min-stream

git-provider git-provider ============

git-pull execute git pull on given directory

git-read-pkt-line read git packet lines (for smart protocol)

git-release Release a new version of your Git project

git-release-notes Generate beautiful release notes from a git log.

git-remote API for pushing/fetching objects to/from git repositories

git-remote-origin-url Get the remote origin url of a git repository

git-repo A local git repository using any pluggable backend.

git-repo-name Get the repository name from the git remote origin URL.

git-repos A git extension to get the state of all repos in a directory

git-responsibility don't git blame, take git responsibility

git-rest-api A library providing a restful Git API mimicking as most as possible the old good git

git-rev-2 get the current git commit hash, tag or branch in node

git-run A tool for managing multiple git repositories

git-scripts Git hooks integration for Node.js projects

git-server A simple, multi-tenant git server written in NodeJS

git-ssh Helper to manage SSH key for git.

git-timer CLI application that counts down until you commit

git-to-js translate git raw objects into javascript objects

git-today Tells you about your LOC for a given day

git-tools Tools for parsing data out of git repositories.

git-track Track a remote repository and apply patches incrementally.

git-trail Provides a readable stream alternative to `git-log`, so you can access your git history through Node.

git-transport-protocol a r/w stream that wraps a r/w stream and formats the data according to the git transfer protocol

git-user-email Get the git email address of the current user.

git-user-name Get the name of the current user from git config, at the project or global scope, depending on what git uses in the current context.

git-utils A package for using Git repositories

git-walk-refs create a readable stream of git commits

git-walk-tree walk a git tree represented by a git commit

git-watcher Prints a pretty ASCII git log visualization that updates in realtime

git-web-hook Simple web hook for gitlab

git-wiki export a git repo as a markdown based html wiki

git-wip Git feature branch helpers for saving progress (stash) and resuming work (pop) for.

git-workspace CLI util to keep multiple projects in sync with different remote git repos

git-write-pkt-line write git packet lines (for smart remote protocol)

git-zlib zlib packaged in a format for js-git

git.js Simple api to run git commands from nodejs

git2prov Unleash the potential of Git in the new W3C standard for provenance.

gita A resolution for projects management on git!

gitall Tool for cloning all repositories of a user or organization

gitane Easy Node.JS Git wrapper with support for SSH keys

gitbin bin dotfiles and configs easily for use with git

gitbook Library and cmd utility to generate GitBooks

gitbook-pdf PDF Generator for GitBook

gitbook-theme-clarity Clarity Theme for Gitbook

gitcdn Git push CDN

gitconfiglocal parse the .git/config file into a useful data structure

gitdeploy Listen for git web hooks and automatically update and deploy code

gitdocs Documentation generated automatically from files hosted in github

gitdown All git commands wrapped into one.

gitemplate Git cloning with template variables

gitenforcer a small bot to monitor pull requests

gitepic Generates a Git Version HTML

gitfakefs Emulate node.js' fs module on top of a git repository

gitfetcher A pretty cool utility to fetch/pull from multiple git repositories configured as projects.

gitfs git data fetcher

gitgo the stupid git wrapper

gitgui Git GUI written in node.js

githash get a repo's HEAD git hash

githook an command line to easy listen git hooks

github-changes generate changelog for github repos

github-clone clone github repositories to the local box.

github-cloner An interactive command line tool to list and clone your Github repositories

github-commits Framework to get users and organization commit stats from github

github-contents Get the contents of a file on github

github-download Easily download Github repos without any external dependencies such as Git, Tar, Unzip, etc.

github-growl Cross-platform desktop notifications for your Github repositories.

github-oauth2 A utility to get Oauth2 tokens from github for use in api calls.

github-push-receive issue a `git push` in response to a github post-receive hook payload

github-repo-url Extract a GitHub project's URL from its git repository URL.

github-repos Fetch a user's repository count from Github

github-url-from-git Parse a github git url and return the github repo url

github-url-from-username-repo Create urls from username/repo

github-username Get a GitHub username from an email address

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