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gcr A node gitlab-ci-runner

git-web-hook Simple web hook for gitlab

gitlab GitLab API Nodejs library.

gitlab-cli Gitlab API on the command line

gitlab-issues Gitlab Issues Helper

gitlab-pull-webhook pull git repositories on gitlab webhook signals.

gitlab-webhook Express middleware to handle Github/Gitlab Webhook requests

gitlab.client gitlab client

gitlabhook This is an easy to use nodeJS based web hook for GitLab.

gitlablist-mocha Provides a custom Mocha test reporter compatible with the current (3.1.0) release of GitLab-CI

giturl Transfer git url to web url

grunt-depcombo Generate combo url(file)

hook_receiver Node.JS hook receiver for gitlab and github

hubot-gitlab A hubot companion for gitlab.

kamino cli to clone all your repos from Gitlab

mtb-parsedep 分析gitlab上mtb库中的依赖关系

node-gitlab Gitlab API nodejs client.

pitlab GitLab integration with PivotalTracker

pulley-gitlab Easy GitLab Merge Request Lander

youtrack2gitlab Import YouTrack issues into GitLab.

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