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chai-resemble Chai helper for visually comparing HTML pages

express-imageserf express component to scale and serve images from configurable storage backends

express-resizer Resizes images on the fly

gm GraphicsMagick and ImageMagick for node.js

gm-bin gm wrapper that makes it seamlessly available as a local dependency on OS X, Linux and Windows

gm-buffer A plugin for gm module, which enables simple buffering of image binary for later content-length detection.

gm-to-grayscale Use `gm` to read an RGB buffer/image and make it grayscale

gm-traperas GraphicsMagick for node.js

imageresizer A command line tool to easily resize a bunch of images to a bunch of different sizes.

lazy-image An image compressing/resizing http server

lygrafmajik GraphicsMagick wrapper for node.js

tailor.js tailor.js help you process images, includine resize, crop.. using graphicsMagick, and upload to s3

web-gm Image resize for web app by gm(GraphicsMagick for node)

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