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ajs-express ExpressJS Middleware for AjaxSnapshots

app-seed app-seed is an application skeleton for web apps. It uses AngularJS for front-end and Node.js (with hapi) for back-end. It is suitable for Single Page Application (SPA) and provides user authentication with Google OAuth 2.0

areaeditor An editor integrated with Google Maps for editing GeoJSON MultiPolygons A drop-in plugin that integrates Google's `trackEvent` directly into Backbone's `navigate` function.

batch-geocoder Node.js Batch Geocoder for the Google Maps API

bip-pod-google Google Pod for Bipio

broccoli-closure-compiler Minify JavaScript with Closure Compiler

bundy Easy and lightweight tool to quickly bundle JavaScript (and CSS and other assets) releases.

c2dm An interface to the Android Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) service for Node.js

cli_mirror A tool and library for using then Google Glass Mirror API from node.js

closure-dicontainer DI Container for Google Closure with automatic registration and resolving based on types

cloud-storage Simple wrapper for uploading and deleting files from Google Cloud Storage

coffee2closure Fix CoffeeScript compiled output for Google Closure Compiler

connect-google-analytics Connect middleware for Google Analytics and more.

crawlable A way to make your web application crawlable, so it can be well referenced on the web.

crawlme Makes your ajax web application indexable by search engines by generating html snapshots on the fly. Caches results for blazing fast responses and better page ranking.

current Easily consume a Google Plus user's activity feed.

derby-user-providers Add third party provider support to derby-user

dissect Poor man's Google Analytics

docpad-plugin-sunny DocPad plugin which adds the ability to output to Amazon S3, Google Storage or and other service supported by SunnyJS.

doogle Node.js app for taking HTML snapshots of JavaScript pages to make your dynamic apps Google crawlable.

ego Find your rank on Google and other search engines.

fetch-o-logo Simple guess work to grab the url for a logo based on naive search logic.

fontbomb Serve Google Web Fonts Yourself

Frog Provides support for require()'ing Google Dart source files (.dart).

ftpm A Font Package Manager built on top of Google Web Fonts

ga-collect A server interface for Google's analytics.js

gapitoken Node.js module for Google API service account authorization (Server to Server flow)

gapps-directory (Unofficial) Google Apps Directory Api client library.

gapps-provisioning (Unofficial) Google Apps Provisioning Api client library.

gars scrapes google Realtime information and pushes it to your metrics system. (using Casperjs)

gauth Middleware component to authenticate users through their Google account

gcalendar Google Calendar SDK

gcalfilter This filters the private ICS feed from Google Calendar based on extendedProperties

gclosure Google Closure Compiler and Stylesheets

gcm An interface to Google Cloud Messaging for Android (GCM) on Node.js

gcm4node node.js library for Google Cloud Messaging system

gdata-js Simple OAuth 2.0 GData API client

geek_googling Search google from the command line

generator-ultimate ULTIMATE Yeoman generator for ultimate-seed - full-stack AngularJS + Node.js/Express seed that makes web developers insanely productive.

geocoder node wrapper around google's geocoder api

glash tool for posting messages to major social networks facebook/twitter/google+ etc

glass-prism Node.js framework for building Google Glass Mirror applications

glassware glassware app container

globe Location-based resourcing of 3D map geometry

gmail An API for fetching mail from

gmail-safe Intelligent backup client for GMail.

gmusic Google Music API A url shortener and expander powered by Google's URL shortening service

googenterm Google search from your terminal

google A module to search and scrape google. This is not sponsored, supported, or affiliated with Google Inc.

google-alerts Create custom google alerts from Node.js

google-bigquery node.js package for accessing google bigquery through a service account

google-caja Node wrapper for the Google Caja HTML/CSS sanitizer

google-cdn Replaces references to resources on the Google CDN

google-cdn-data Google CDN Data for google-cdn

google-cdn-shahata Replaces references to resources on the Google CDN

google-client-login Get a Google client login token

google-contacts API wrapper for Google Contacts

google-contacts-meteor API wrapper for Google Contacts

google-distance A simple node.js wrapper for Google's Distance Matrix API

google-drive Node.js library for accessing Google Drive's API at <>

google-dsc API wrapper for Google Domain Shared Contacts [incomplete]

google-feed-api interface for the Google Feed API

google-feed-service Simple browser-friendly micro service for the google feed api

google-feeds an interface to the Google Feeds API

google-finance Google Finance client library for Node.js

google-finance-service Simple browser-friendly micro service for the google finance api

google-fonts A small helper library for embedding Google Fonts on your page.

google-fonts-downloader Google Web Fonts downloader

google-geocoding Small Node module to use Google Geocoding API.

google-glass sdk of google glass in node.js

google-id-token Validates and decrypts google's id_token

google-images Search images using Google Images

google-maps Wrapper for asynchronously used Google Maps API

google-maps-coordinate-parser Coordinates parser for Google Maps urls.

google-oauth-jwt Implementation of Google OAuth 2.0 for server-to-server interactions, allowing secure use of Google APIs without interaction from an end-user.

google-oauth2 Google API OAuth2 helpers

google-page Authenticated web server with Google OpenID

google-play-license-verification Google play (android market) license verification.

google-refresh-token Refreshes Google OAuth 2 Access Tokens

google-scraper Extract links from Google SERP

google-sheets Read and modify Google Spreadsheets

google-speech-api Google Speech API wrapper for node

google-speech-format Google Speech audio formatter.

google-spreadsheet Google Spreadsheet Data API -- simple interface to read and write rows and cells

google-suggest Utility to provide Google suggestions.

google-tools Compilation of various google utility functions

googleajaxurls Library for converting to and from the urls used by Google's ajax crawling specification (

googleapis Google APIs Client Library for Node.js

googleauth Create and load persistent Google authentication tokens for command-line apps

googlebooksapi Access to Google Books

googlebot Express middleware that returns the resulting html after executing javascript, allowing crawlers to read on the page

googleclientlogin Log in to Google services using CllientLogin method

googlecustomsearch Rate-limited Google Custom Search wrapper using promises

googledocs Simple Google Docs interface.

googlefonts Node/Meteor wrapper for googlefonts API

googlemaps A simple way to query the Google Maps API from Node.js

googlemapsutil utility to use google map easily

googlemusicapi Access to Google Music

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