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googleplaces Node.js library for the Google Places API

googlerest wrapper around google api

googlesets A dead simple API for Google Sets

googlespell A node module for the undocumented google spell API

googletagmanager Google Tag Manager loader for web apps

gotp simple RFC4226 TOTP

gpan Node.js module to download hi-res streetview panoramas

grunt-closure-coffee-stack Everything you need for Google Closure. Precise configuration, Soy templates, localization, TDD stack, and even CoffeeScript support. File watcher included.

grunt-closure-dicontainer DI Container for Google Closure with automatic registration and strongly typed object graph resolving.

grunt-dart2js Compile Dart to JavaScript.

grunt-escaped-seo Generate an SEO website and sitemap for google escaped fragments

grunt-este Everything you need for Google Closure. Precise configuration, Soy templates, localization, TDD stack, and even CoffeeScript support. File watcher included.

grunt-gae Google App Engine management plugin for Grunt.

grunt-google-cdn Grunt task for replacing refs to resources on the Google CDN

grunt-google-cdn-implicit Grunt task for injecting Google CDN scripts into html

grunt-google-cdn-shahata Grunt task for replacing refs to resources on the Google CDN

grunt-gss Save your Google Spreadsheets as CSV or JSON.

grunt-i18n-gspreadsheet Grunt plugin to generate i18n locale files from a google spreadsheet

grunt-qpoc-closure-compiler Extended closure compiler plugin with module support.

grunt-robots-txt Grunt plugin which generates a robots.txt file

grunt-soy-compile Compile Goggle Closure Templates ( SOY ) templates inclding the handling of XLIFF language files. ( Details for SOY: )

grunt-zuckrig-closure Reduce a verbose syntax for Google Closure Compiler to be more Pythonic/Rubistic.

gserviceminer A library to extract data from the Google maps Control for ASP.NET, as developed by Shabdar Gapta

gulp-closure-deps A gulp.js port of Google Closure library

gulp-closure-dicontainer DI Container for Google Closure with automatic registration and resolving based on types

gulp-coffee2closure gulp plugin fixing CoffeeScript compiled output for Google Closure Compiler

gulp-google-cdn Replaces script references with Google CDN ones

gulp-sitemap Generate a search engine friendly sitemap.xml using a Gulp stream

hellojs A clientside Javascript library for standardizing requests to OAuth2 web services (and OAuth1 - with a shim)

hexo-tag-gdriveimage Inserts an image tag using a Google Drive image resource ID.

hickorydickory Create json blobs from google docs

idp-google OAuth2 Google ID Client

insight Understand how your tool is being used by anonymously reporting usage metrics to Google Analytics

keyword-sphinx API wrapper for the Keyword Sphynx keyword research API

leader-google-domain A leader plugin to google an emails domain

leader-google-linkedin-company A leader plugin to google for a LinkedIn company url

leaflet-plugins Miscellaneous plugins for Leaflet library for services that need to display route information and need satellite imagery from different providers

leek GA tracking

libgcm A simple interface to Google Cloud Messaging for Android on Node.js

logbook Log all data passing through process.stdout and process.stderr

logbook-xmpp Log to XMPP with Logbook

lyric Get lyric from google

lyric-finder Get lyric from google as library

mapred Node.js native MapReduce implementation

markerclustererplus markerclustererplus ===================

minimonster Nodejs minification middleware for express/connnect with in memory caching support

mirror-api-subscription Manages subscription callback from Google Mirror API.

mongoose-crate-gcs mongoose-crate StorageProvider that uploads files to Google Cloud Services

mqtt-google-calendar Gooogle Calendar to MQTT bridge

multi-geocoder NodeJS module for geocoding of address list

ngcm Simple Node JS Library For Google Cloud Messaging

noauth Authorization library for OAuth

node-auth This repoistory helps in server (node.js) side authentication and authorization.

node-feed an interface to the Google Feeds API

node-ga Log server calls using Google Analytics

node-ga-plus Log server calls using Google Analytics

node-gapi wrapper to make nodejs requests to Google Analytics via gapi api

node-gauth Google API OAuth2 module intended for command line interfaces

node-gcm a Node.JS wrapper library-port for Google Cloud Messaging for Android

node-gcm-service Node.js wrapper to send notification to Android devices using Google Cloud Messaging service

node-gcs Node.js wrapper for Google Cloud Storage API v2.0

node-geocoder node geocoding library, supports google maps, mapquest, open street map, tom tom, promise

node-ghostsheet Fetch and parse remote spreadsheet as an object

node-google-api Simple but dynamic wrapper for RESTful Google APIs.

node-google-oauth simple functions for doing oauth login with google

node-google-prediction Node client for Google Prediction API

node-google-sql Access to the google sql (fusion table) api

node-googler Search google from the command line

node-minify Javascript / CSS minifier based on YUI Compressor / Google Closure Compiler / UglifyJS2 / Sqwish / Clean-css / CSSO

node-url-shorter Google url shorter

nodebb-plugin-google-adsense Plugin to easily place ads on your forum in different areas

nodebb-plugin-google-analytics Google Analytics for NodeBB

nodebb-plugin-sso-google NodeBB Google SSO

nodecast Node interface to DIAL/RAMP/ChromeCast

nodeoauth2 Facebook and Google auth module for NodeJS

oauth2 Oauth2 multi provider npm module

oauth2-device Google OAuth 2.0 for Devices

obvious-closure-library Fork of closure-library that allows installation via NPM.

okglass Easily host your own Mirror API web services for Google Glass with Node.js

pagerank Tool for finding the Google PageRank of a given url. Can be used as a node module or a cli command when installed with -g

panode A NodeJS module to generate Google Streetview Panoramas for a given lat / lon, using Hugin

parse-geocoder Parse data returned by geocoder into easily usable format

passport-extended fluff on top of passport

passport-google Google (OpenID) authentication strategy for Passport.

passport-google-oauth Google (OAuth) authentication strategies for Passport.

passport-google-oauth-offline Google (OAuth) authentication strategies for Passport.

passport-google-plus Passport strategy for using G+ Sign-In

passport-google-token Google token authentication strategy for Passport.

ply-cli Command-line utility for generating and working with Google Polymer element sources

price-finder Finds the prices of retail items online

protobuf-stream Adds simple message streaming functionality to node version of protobuf module.

punch-helper-google-analytics third party snippet to add the new google analytics.js snippet to your punch project

qsgeocoder Converts an array of adresses to pairs of coordinates using Google's geocoding API. This package is dependent on wyattdanger's geocoder.

query-parser.jsx Google-ish query string parser for JSX/JS/CommonJS/AMD

restaurants Search a service and get a list of restaurants.

rufio-google-analytics A Rufio plugin for google analytics

scribe-node Scribe java OAuth library port to node.js

section-analytics Section plugin that adds the Google Analytics tracking code to html files.

seneca-google-auth google auth plugin for seneca-auth

shortenurl Shorten is a library to shorten URLs with the Google API. It's super easy to use! Just check out the examples for how to use on your awesome Node.js servers.

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