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grunt-dependencygraph Visualize your CommonJS or AMD module dependencies.

grunt-dependo Visualize your CommonJS or AMD module dependencies.

grunt-graphviz Compile DOT files

grunt-hgactivity Run Mercurial Activity extension to provide graphs for the given time spans

gson Serialize circular javascript object graphs

gvprss A CSS-like pre-processor for Graphviz's gvpr.

hanser-ring-finder Find Rings in Molecular Graphs

histogram-component Image histograms

i-graph Generalized generalized Petersen graph generator

iper Hypergraphs for breakfast

iper-nedb embedded database for hypergraphs

jade-graph a jade asset graph

jointjs JavaScript diagramming library Circular progress indicators.

js-neo4j Neo4j REST API wrapper for Node.js

kruskal A simple implementation of Kruskal's algorithm for finding the miminum spanning tree of a graph.

levelgraph A graph database for Node.js and the browser built on top of LevelUp

levelgraph-jsonld The Object Document Mapper for LevelGraph based on JSON-LD

levelgraph-n3 LevelGraph plugin that add the ability to load and store n3/turtle files.

lumberjack-tree a library for dealing with trees

madge Create graphs from your CommonJS or AMD module dependencies.

magellan Explores components looking for a connected path

make-commonjs-depend Create dependencies for Makefiles. It's like makedepend but for JavaScript.

maximal-independent-set Maximal independent vertex sets

merle walk objects, including inherited members

micro-graph A micro-library that provides "jQuery-like" functionality for graph structures in JavaScript.

mimosa-dependency-graph A module for visualizing AMD/RequireJS dependencies in Mimosa projects

module-dependency-graph Dependency Graph. Provides data structures to track transitive dependencies in a directed graph

module-deps walk the dependency graph to generate json output that can be fed into browser-pack

mogwai Object-to-graph mapper for Node.js using Gremlin in Mongoose style (very alpha work)

motion-blur Graph engine

ndflow n-dimensional network flow solver

neo4j Neo4j driver (REST API client) for Node.js

neo4j-js A Node.js (pure JavaScript) client library for accessing neo4j databases with batch support.

neo4j-koding Neo4j driver (REST API client) for Node.js

neo4j-stream-deserializer Transforms neo4j responses to an easier-to-use format.

neo4jmapper Neo4jMapper is a client- and serverside object modeler for Neo4j graphdatabases

neolith neo4j graph database driver (REST API) for Node.js

neoprene Neo4j wrapper (REST API client) for Node.js

neorm [IN VERY EARLY DEVELOPMENT] A Neo4j ORM for Node.js with syntax inspired by Mongoose.

ngraph.fabric Fabric.js graph renderer

ngraph.forcelayout3d Force directed graph layout in 3d

ngraph.pixi PIXI.js graph renderer

ngraph.three 3D graph rendered powered by three.js

node_gearman_status_graphs Node.js module to monitor Gearman server status with graphs

node-dash a nodejs and sockets-powered server monitoring dashboard

node-g.raphael create server side stunning charts with node.js

node-gop Graph orientated programming for the Node.js platform

node-graph Simple library for graph manipulations

node-neo4j Neo4j REST API wrapper for Node.js

node2neo Neo4j transaction support for Node.js

node2neo-model Model support for Node2neo

node2neo-schema Schema support for Node2neo

node2neo-transactions Transaction wrapper for Node2Neo

npm-flat-graph Given a list of modules, recursively retrieve their dependency graph and generate a flat list of each module's dependencies

npmdep Build a dependency graph for npm packages

npmgraphbuilder Builds graph of npm dependencies from npm registry

og-provider A simple promise based Open Graph Provider.

open-graph An Open Graph implementation for Node.js.

open-graph-scraper Node.js scraper service for Open Graph info

opengraph A Open Graph API client for Node.js.

orgs put/get/del/search for org:Organizations using levelgraph-jsonld

orientdb-js Javascript driver for OrientDB with a Blueprints/Gremlin like syntax.

orienteer Experimental OrientDB Driver

oriento A fast, lightweight client for the orientdb binary protocol, supporting the latest version of orient.

package-dna dependencies graph of a package.jsonld

persons put/get/del/search for foaf:persons using jsonld

pex Path expression language

plan execute a complicated dependency graph of tasks with smooth progress events

plot.js Graph creation library for node.js

plotter Turns an array of data into a graph in a pdf document.

poly-line Generate paths and cycles

randomgraph A small library for generating, well, random graphs. Not that many models at the moment, feel free to jump in and add some more. The algorithms were partly ported and double-checked with the Gephi implementations.

rdfstore RDF graph store supporting the SPARQL query language

rebrowser-parse walk the dependency graph to generate json output that can be fed into browser-pack

redis-graph a graph database using redis sets

require-graph Builds dependency chains for client-side assets

rexy-engine json library for the Rexster API

rickshaw Rickshaw is a JavaScript toolkit for creating interactive time series graphs, developed at [Shutterstock](

rickshaw-browser rickshaw npm package for browsers

sails-neo4j Neo4j adapter for Sails.js

sass-graph Parse sass files and extract a graph of imports

sigil Client library for the SIGIL database.

sigmar DiGraph Lib

simpleneo4js A (very) simple node.js connection client for Neo4j

simplicial-cartesian-product Cartesian product of simplicial complexes

simplicial-complex Topological indexing for simplicial complexes

simplicial-layout Code for drawing simplicial complexes in arbitrary dimensions.

sparkline JavaScript implementation of 'spark'.

springy A force directed graph layout algorithm in JavaScript.

star-polygon Generate star polygons

strongly-connected-components Computes strongly connected components of a directed graph

subdeps trace the dependency graph of a javascript file

substance-data A Javascript data representation library. Graph API for visualization and generative art

task-group Node module to run a graph of tasks

TeeChart Charting and graphing node.js module

titan-node Wrapper project around gremlin-node to provide out of the box support for the Titan graph database.

topograph stores a graph of nodes and provides sorting and iteration

toposort Topological sort of directed ascyclic graphs (like dependecy lists)

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