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adept Generates Adept URLs.

bit-twiddle Bit twiddling hacks for JavaScript

brig Graphical render engine for Node.js

caat CAAT for Node.js

canvas Canvas graphics API backed by Cairo

canvas-gurtnec Canvas graphics API backed by Cairo

canvas-heroku Canvas fork including Cairo binaries for Heroku deployment

canvas-superjoe Canvas graphics API backed by Cairo

canvas-win GDI+ based implementation of HTML5 canvas

dg Direct Graphics bindings for node.js

dg-webgl Direct Graphics -compatible webgl bindings.

dv Document Vision is a node.js library for processing and understanding scanned documents Training data for Document Vision

easy-gd Node-gd extended with features making image processing easier: open an image of any supported format; resize an image doing no math at all; put watermarks like a boss.

easyimage A user-friendly module for processing images in Node.js.

easyimage-flattenpng A user-friendly module for processing images in Node.js. Allows properly convert PNGs with transparent background to other formats.

easyimage-tmpfix A user-friendly module for processing images in Node.js. Added png flatten and fixed cropping error.

fabric Object model for HTML5 canvas, and SVG-to-canvas parser. Backed by jsdom and node-canvas.

fabric-lablr Built on top of fabric.js by Juriy Zaytsev <>

fetch-o-logo Simple guess work to grab the url for a logo based on naive search logic.

g.js A JavaScript library for vector graphics.

gd Node.js bindings for gd graphics library

gl-vao Vertex array object wrapper/shim for WebGL

gm GraphicsMagick and ImageMagick for node.js

gm-traperas GraphicsMagick for node.js

htmlimage images, like in the browser, but in node

img-crawler A module to download images from a given URL

kassics Lighting fast 2d graphics without canvas

lut Render RGB lookup tables to a canvas

lx-pdf Litixsoft pdf library for creating pdf files in node.js.

lygrafmajik GraphicsMagick wrapper for node.js

mapnik Tile rendering library for node

nchart nChart for node.js inspired by Chart.js.

ncurses An ncurses binding for node.js

ndarray-to-binvox Dumps an ndarray to a binvox stream

node-ccss Create Css Sprite

node-easel node wrapper for EaselJS, utilizing node-canvas.

node-gd libgd C++ bindings for Node.js

node-glfw A NodeJS wrapper around GLFW3 library

node-qt Qt bindings for Node.js

ocanvas Library for HTML5 Canvas, based on objects instead of pixels.

opentype.js OpenType font parser

paper The Swiss Army Knife of Vector Graphics Scripting

parse-obj Parses .OBJ formatted meshes

parse-ply A streaming PLY parser

pdf.js A PDF generation library for Node.js

pdfkit A PDF generation library for Node.js

pdfkit-cjk A PDF generation library for Node.js, with enhancements to support CJK characters

pdfkit-memory A PDF generation library for Node.js

pdfkit-richtext Devon Govett's PDF generation library for Node.js, with a quick hack added to support bold and italics in word wrap mode.

pdfmake-pdfkit pdfkit updated for pdfmake

photoshop Control Adobe Photoshop from Node.js

pixelr Simple pixel reader. Read pixels from JPEG and PNG images.

post-process A generic GLSL post-processing module for applying super-speedy GPU effects to images, videos and canvas elements

rsvg Parse SVG files and render them as PNG, PDF, SVG, or raw memory buffer images.

splat-points-3d Splats a point cloud onto a 3D volume

split-polygon Splits a convex polygon by a plane

surfacecurve-gfx a client-side rendering engine

svg-3d-simplicial-complex Renders a simplicial complex to a chunk of an svg file

svg-morph morph animation between two svg path arrays

tailor.js tailor.js help you process images, includine resize, crop.. using graphicsMagick, and upload to s3

teapot The Utah Teapot

tectonic A simple and efficient game engine for Node and Web Platforms [WIP]

texturecompiler Texture data compiler for content.js

toxiclibsjs toxiclibsjs is an open-source library for computational design tasks with JavaScript.

veronica Library for manipulating images

viridislearning-pdfkit A PDF generation library for Node.js

voxel-pp GLSL post-processing module for Voxel.js

write-ply Serializes a PLY file to a stream

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