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connect-image-proxy Middleware for proxying and manipulating images.

crops Server for dynamically resizing images on the fly

express-processimage Express middleware that processes served images according to the query string

gm GraphicsMagick and ImageMagick for node.js

gm-buffer A plugin for gm module, which enables simple buffering of image binary for later content-length detection.

gm-traperas GraphicsMagick for node.js

grunt-phonegapsplash Create splashscreen from a PNG.

grunt-responsive-images Produce images at different sizes for responsive websites.

grunt-svg2storeicons Create store icons from a SVG.

gulp-gm Image manipulation with GraphicsMagick for gulp.

imagecolors A node module that pulls useful color information out of an image through a combination of ImageMagick color quantization algorithms and human fiddling.

imager Easy way to resize, crop and upload images to Rackspace cloudfiles and Amazon S3

jpegicc Node.js wrapper for Little CMS JpegICC

jpegorientation Tool for getting, setting and rotating jpeg images based on Exif rotation information

lazy-image An image compressing/resizing http server

lygrafmajik GraphicsMagick wrapper for node.js

partial.js web application framework (MVC) for node.js

resizer Simple image resizer and thumbnail generator as a stream

tailor.js tailor.js help you process images, includine resize, crop.. using graphicsMagick, and upload to s3

thumborizer a node image processing server

total.js web framework (MVC) for node.js

watermarker Subtle all-over watermarking with GraphicsMagick, using the C++ API.

web-gm Image resize for web app by gm(GraphicsMagick for node)

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