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coffeescript-growl Growl notifications for the CoffeeScript Compiler

firegrowl Get Growl notifications when your firebase data changes during development

github-growl Cross-platform desktop notifications for your Github repositories.

gntp Full, native, Growl Notification Transport Protocol (GNTP)implementation.

growlcoffee Growl notifications for CoffeeScript

growler Send notifications to remote and local Growl clients using GNTP

growly Simple zero-dependency Growl notifications using GNTP.

grunt-growl Configure notifications inside your gruntfile

grunt-notify Automatic desktop notifications for Grunt errors and warnings using Growl for OS X or Windows, Mountain Lion and Mavericks Notification Center, and Notify-Send.

gulp-notify-growl A custom notifier for gulp-notify to send messages to Growl clients using GNTP

inspire Inspirational quotes through growl notifications

jshint-growl-reporter Growl reporter for JSHint

karma-growl Growl notification for Karma.

karma-growl-reporter A Karma plugin. Report results with growl.

karma-growl-reporter-jamestalmage A Karma plugin. Report results with growl.

karma-growl12-reporter A Karma reporter plugin that sends status to Growl. This plugin uses node-growl which works with Growl 1.2

karma-growler-reporter A Karma plugin. Report results with growl (

log-notify An override for console.log that also sends notifications to OS X Notification Center and Growl

logmimosa Logger component for Mimosa browser development workflow tool

mqtt-growl A growl based mqtt monitor

node-notifier A Node.js module for sending notifications on mac, windows and linux

node-notify Node port of Eloy DurĂ¡n's terminal-notifier []

nodrrr sent growl notifications from nodejs

notification Notification component

notification-component Notification component

osx-notifier Send notifications to the OS X Notification Center using

progress-notification Progress notification component

qunit_notifier Run Qunit tests headless and show results on a notification system like Growl/Snarl/Libnorify

teamgrowl Distributed growling across the web

teamgrowl-server Server Component for teamgrowl Growl transport for

winston-growl A growl transport for winston

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