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grunt-barrier The best Grunt plugin ever.

grunt-base64 Base64 encode files.

grunt-bashpack Grunt plugin to create bashpacks

grunt-batman-template compiles any and all templates into ready to use includes

grunt-batman-templates Generates and stores BatmanJS templates in the Batman HTMLStore

grunt-bats Grunt plugin for Bats. Bats is a TAP-compliant testing framework for Bash. It provides a simple way to verify that the UNIX programs you write behave as expected.

grunt-bb2ng Grunt task to convert a Backbone project to an AngularJS project

grunt-bbamd_generate Backbone AMD generator

grunt-bbb-requirejs Optimize RequireJS projects using r.js.

grunt-bbb-server Runs the development server.

grunt-bbb-styles Compile BBB Project Styles.

grunt-beaker Keep track of file sizes over time to help prevent page bloat.

grunt-bear A static site generator for Grunt

grunt-beautiful-docs Generate beautiful markdown-based documentation using Grunt

grunt-beautify Javascript beautifier task for grunt

grunt-beep Beep!

grunt-beez-confbuilder Build configuration files for beez project template.

grunt-beez-optim beez-optim makes specify images optimize automatically in build process using grunt.

grunt-behance The best Grunt plugin ever.

grunt-behance-build Behance build tasks meta plugin

grunt-behat A grunt task to run behat BDD tests.

grunt-bell Plays an ascii bell and shows seconds taken by tasks

grunt-bem bem make

grunt-bem-revised bem-tools methods with Grunt

grunt-benchmark Grunt task for benchmarking

grunt-better-config A better way to organize Grunt configs

grunt-bg-shell Better shell commands for grunt. Background/parallel run

grunt-big-assets Analyzes a project's JS, attempting to highlight large dependencies that should be removed, replaced, or refactored.

grunt-bing-translate Automatically translate from english to any other language with Bing.

grunt-bintray-deploy A grunt task to automate deploying files to

grunt-bitballoon Deploy to BitBalloon

grunt-blanket Instruments files with Blanket.js

grunt-blanket-mocha Headless Blanket.js code coverage and Mocha testing via PhantomJS

grunt-blanket-mocha-badoo Headless Blanket.js code coverage and Mocha testing via PhantomJS

grunt-blanket-mocha-server Easily serve mocha tests with (or without) blanket coverage. "Goes Great" with grunt-blanket-mocha.

grunt-blanket-qunit Headless Blanket.js code coverage and QUnit testing via PhantomJS

grunt-bless Split CSS files suitable for IE

grunt-blink1 Configures blink(1) inside your Gruntfile.

grunt-bliss Compile Bliss templates.

grunt-blitz Run sprints and rushes from grunt

grunt-blog A grunt plugin to organize content and generate indexes for Memba Mini Blog Engine.

grunt-blueprints Grunt plugin for the blueprints templating library

grunt-boil Boilerplate files, packages, apps, websites etc.

grunt-bom A task to remove the BOM for any file you want.

grunt-bom-removal A Byte Order Mark (BOM) removal task for grunt.

grunt-bom2 Grunt task for rewrite file without UTF-8 BOM.

grunt-bookmarklet-thingy Add creation of bookmarklets to your grunt build.

grunt-bootstrap Grunt plugin to generate custom builds of bootstrap

grunt-booty Adds bootstrap to your project from a bower install - optionally includes font-awesome

grunt-bower Copy bower installed components to dist folder.

grunt-bower-busterjs Automagically wire-up installed Bower components into your Buster.JS config

grunt-bower-clean Remove files (e.g. docs, tests, etc.) from installed bower components

grunt-bower-cli Installs Bower components using the Bower CLI.

grunt-bower-commands Grunt tasks for bower commands

grunt-bower-concat Automatic concatenation of installed Bower components in right order.

grunt-bower-config Bower Installer Task

grunt-bower-copy Collect&copy all main filse of your Bower dependencies.

grunt-bower-depend Handle Bower Dependencies

grunt-bower-hooks Automagically wire-up installed Bower components into your RequireJS config

grunt-bower-install Inject your Bower dependencies right into your HTML from Grunt.

grunt-bower-install-shopware Inject your Bower dependencies right into your HTML from Grunt.

grunt-bower-install-simple Grunt Task for Installing Bower Dependencies

grunt-bower-install-task Run bower install as a grunt task

grunt-bower-installdep The best Grunt plugin ever.

grunt-bower-installer Install Bower packages.

grunt-bower-linker Link bower components to an folder.

grunt-bower-organiser Organises Bower components according to their types

grunt-bower-postinst Execute post install action on bower components

grunt-bower-release Automatically push tagged Bower package releases to endpoint

grunt-bower-requirejs Automagically wire-up installed Bower components into your RequireJS config

grunt-bower-requirejs-alias Automagically wire-up installed Bower components into your RequireJS config

grunt-bower-seamless-install Grunt task to install bower components seamlessly through target dependencies.

grunt-bower-submodule Installs all dependencies of different bower.json's inside a project

grunt-bower-task Install Bower packages.

grunt-bower-verify > Install and test all your dependencies versions.

grunt-bowercopy Scrupulously manage file locations for bower dependencies.

grunt-bowerful Specify bower packages directly in grunt file.

grunt-branches Run specified task against all remote branches of a git submodule

grunt-brand-log print brand log (such as pet) to console

grunt-breakshots Create screenshots of html files per breakpoint

grunt-broccoli-build Runs a Broccoli build via Grunt.

grunt-browser-output Redirect grunt output to the browser.

grunt-browser-sync Live CSS reload & Browser Syncing

grunt-browserify Grunt task for node-browserify

grunt-browserify-bower Browserify bower libraries into a separate bundle

grunt-browserify2 a grunt task that uses browserify v2 and optionally express

grunt-browserifyify edit out 'require' variables in optimized r.js projects

grunt-browserifying The ultimate Grunt Browserify task. Run once or watch files for changes. Uses a cache for super speed (instant builds). CoffeeScript support built in. Alias mappings. Shimming. Everything in one easy to use package.

grunt-browserstack BrowserStack tasks for grunt

grunt-browserstack-tunnel Start BrowserStack tunnel.

grunt-buhges tool for build html pages of snippets and layers, supports mustache/handlebars templates

grunt-build_js js buil

grunt-build-control Automate version control tasks for your project's built code. Keep built code in sync with source code, maintain multiple branches of built code, commit with automatic messages, and push to remote repositories.

grunt-build-docs Build documentations using YUIDOC

grunt-build-gh-pages Grunt plugin to take a build from dist on your current branch and put it into another branch, e.g. gh-pages, without merging. Ideal for when builds should be stored in orphan branches.

grunt-build-html Build HTML templates recursively.

grunt-build-lifecycle Flexible build lifecycles for grunt

grunt-build-locale Grunt task to collect, merge and publish locale files.

grunt-build-requirejs Use requirejs r.js

grunt-build-rpm Create RPM package to install files/directories

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