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amd-optimize An AMD (i.e. RequireJS) optimizer that's stream-friendly. Made for gulp. (WIP)

closurify Translates AMD modules to closure compiler format

combine-css Combines CSS files into as few files as possible, taking size and selector limits into account

gulp-absolute Filter files by absolute path

gulp-absurd AbsurdJS plugin for Gulp

gulp-accord a unified interface to compiled javascript languages

gulp-additem 追加文件入缓存流中

gulp-aggregate Keep track of received files and send them as a batch all together.

gulp-amdcheck Finds and removes unused dependencies in AMD modules.

gulp-amdclean A gulp wrapper for amdclean.

gulp-angular-extender Extend AngularJS applications by injecting module dependencies at build time

gulp-angular-filesort Automatically sort AngularJS app files depending on module definitions and usage

gulp-angular-gettext Gulp plugin for extracting/compiling angular-gettext strings

gulp-angular-htmlify Change your ng-attributes to data-ng-attributes for html5 validation

gulp-angular-templatecache Concatenates and registers AngularJS templates in the $templateCache.

gulp-angular-templates AngularJS template assembler for Gulp.js

gulp-apidoc RESTful web API Documentation Generator

gulp-append-data Append content of JSON file as property to currently streamed file

gulp-assetpaths A Gulp plugin to change asset paths from one environment to another.

gulp-assets A plugin for Gulp that extracts the javascript and css files from your html and makes them available to other gulp tasks.

gulp-ast gulp js AST transformations

gulp-atomicscss A plugin for Gulp that takes text, scans for class attributes and generates an scss file from the classes

gulp-autopolyfiller Autopolyfiller plugin for Gulp.

gulp-autoprefixer Autoprefixer for gulp.

gulp-awspublish gulp plugin to publish files to amazon s3

gulp-base64 gulp task to encode images to data-uti

gulp-baseimg Convert images to dataUri-stylesheet

gulp-batch-replace A batch string/regexp replace plugin for gulp

gulp-batman-templates Turn HTML files into JS code to preload batman.js templates

gulp-beautify Asset beautification using node-beautify

gulp-beml HTML preprocessor for BEM

gulp-bg Spawn a process in the background

gulp-bintray A gulp task for uploading files to Bintray

gulp-blade Blade plugin for Gulp (

gulp-blanket-mocha Execute blanket coverage on Mocha tests

gulp-bless CSS post-processor which splits CSS files suitably for Internet Explorer < 10. Bless + Gulp = gulp-bless.

gulp-borschik Borschik plugin for gulp

gulp-bower Install Bower packages.

gulp-bower-files Build gulp.src() of your bower packages main files.

gulp-bower-src gulp-src bower files

gulp-browserify Bundle modules with Browserify

gulp-buffer Make sure all gulp file contents are available as buffer

gulp-build Build files for different environments by swapping in variables

gulp-bump Bump npm versions with Gulp (

gulp-buster Cache buster hashes generator for gulp

gulp-bytediff Compare file sizes before and after your gulp build process.

gulp-cache A cache proxy task for Gulp

gulp-cached A simple in-memory file cache for gulp

gulp-cat Echo file(s) to the console.

gulp-cdnizer A gulp plugin for replacing local links with CDN links, includes fallbacks and customization

gulp-changed Only pass through changed files

gulp-changed-old Only pass through changed files

gulp-cheerio Manipulate HTML files with Cheerio in Gulp.

gulp-chmod Change permissions of Vinyl files

gulp-chown Change ownership of Vinyl files

gulp-chug Run external gulpfiles as part of a gulp task inside another gulpfile

gulp-clean A gulp plugin for removing files and folders.

gulp-clean-old A gulp plugin for removing files and folders.

gulp-cleanhtml Removes unneeded whitespaces, line-breaks, comments, etc from HTML

gulp-clipboard A gulp plugin to copy the content of your file to the clipboard

gulp-clone Clone files in memory in a gulp stream

gulp-closure-compiler Gulp plugin for Google Closure Compiler

gulp-closure-compiler-old Gulp plugin for Google Closure Compiler

gulp-closure-deps A gulp.js port of Google Closure library

gulp-closure-dicontainer DI Container for Google Closure with automatic registration and resolving based on types

gulp-cloudfiles A plugin for Gulp that uploads files to rackspace cloudfiles

gulp-cloudfront > Updates the Default Root Object of a CloudFront distribution

gulp-coco Compile coco to JavaScript with gulp

gulp-codeception PHP Codeception plugin for Gulp

gulp-coffee Compile CoffeeScript files

gulp-coffee2closure gulp plugin fixing CoffeeScript compiled output for Google Closure Compiler

gulp-coffeelint Lint your CoffeeScript using gulp and CoffeeLint

gulp-coffeelint-threshold A GulpJS plugin to catch the output from gulp-coffeelint and call a callback if the error or warning count is above a threshold you set

gulp-combine-media-queries Combine matching media queries into one media query definition. Useful for CSS generated by preprocessors using nested media queries.

gulp-common-wrap Add commonjs wrapper

gulp-commonjs Wrap files with a commonjs wrapper

gulp-compass Compile Compass files

gulp-compile-js Gulp plugin to compile a file into a JavaScript representation

gulp-complexity A JavaScript complexity analysis gulp task

gulp-component Component build plugin for Gulp

gulp-concat Concatenates files

gulp-concat-css Concatenate css files, rebasing urls and inlining @import

gulp-concat-limit Concatenates files into as few files as possible without exceeding a given length limit

gulp-concat-sourcemap Concatenate files and generate a source map file

gulp-cond Ternary operator for Gulp.

gulp-conflict Check if files in stream conflict with those in target dir, with option to use new, keep old, show diff, etc.

gulp-consolidate Template engine consolidation for gulp

gulp-continuous-concat Continuously concatenates files (makes gulp-watch useful again for concated files)

gulp-contribs Give your open-source contributors some credit - automatically list them in your, or anywhere else.

gulp-convert Gulp plugin to convert to or from JSON, YAML, XML, PLIST or CSV.

gulp-coverage Instrument and generate code coverage independent of test runner

gulp-coveralls Gulp plugin to submit code coverage to Coveralls

gulp-cram Assemble resources using cujoJS cram

gulp-crass Css optimize

gulp-cson Parse cson with gulp

gulp-cson-safe Parse cson with gulp

gulp-css Minify css with clean-css.

gulp-css-rebase-urls Rebase relative image URLs

gulp-css-url-adjuster Adjust urls inside css

gulp-cssbeautify Reindent and reformat CSS

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