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argo-gzip Gzip package for Argo

assemble-contrib-decompress Assemble plugin for extracting zip, tar and tar.gz archives.

bloknot Tout ce qu'il faut pour Nodejs !

bricks-compress Compressed output from bricks.js

cahier Static file conversion, writing and reading

chunking-streams NodeJS chunking streams

coffee-assets Sprockets syntax for aggregating/minifying/gzipping CoffeeTemplates, CoffeeStylesheets, and CoffeeSprites.

compressible Compressible Content-Type / mime checking

connect-gzip-static gzip static middleware for connect - serves compressed files if they exist, falls through to connect-static if they don't

crafity-gzip Gzip middleware for Connect. Forked from connect-gzip and based on implementation in Connect 0.5.9. Original source:

crafity-webserver Generic Webserver Configuration

crc-utils CRC Utils. Combines two or more CRC32 checksums into new one.

crc-utils2 CRC Utils. Combines two or more CRC32 checksums into new one.

dir-backup Backup and restore a directory (recursively) in .tar.gz format

express-cdn Node.js module for delivering optimized, minified, mangled, gzipped, and CDN-hosted assets in Express using S3 and CloudFront.

express-tgz stream multiple files to the browser as a single .tar.gz, in pure node.

flowhttp-decoder A flowHttp extension used for decoding gzip og deflate encoded HTTP responses

grunt-aws A Grunt interface into the Amazon Node.JS SDK

grunt-backup Make backups using grunt

grunt-contrib-zopfli Compress files and folders using zopfli algorithm.

grunt-file-info Automate template-driven updates of project file stats to project documentation.

grunt-tar.gz Grunt wrapper around native gzip/ungzip compression utility for node.js

grunt-zopfli A Grunt plugin for compressing files using Zopfli

gulp-file-activity Display activity of gulp streams as they are passed around

gulp-gzip Gzip plugin for gulp.

gulp-pako A gulp plugin to compress files with Pako.

gulp-size Display the size of your project

gulp-zopfli Zopfli compressor for gulp

gzip-size Get the gzipped size of a string or buffer

gzip-stack A `StreamStack` implementation for encoding and decoding `Gzip` content.

gzipme Gzipme is a module and CLI tool which compress files to gzip, it's built on top of zlib module and it's very easy to use it.

gzipped Command line utility to calculate gzip compression savings

gzippo Gzip middleware for Connect using the native zlib library in node >= 0.6

hexo-generator-optimize Optimize assets plugin for Hexo A hook to compress and uncompress. Operates synchronously for now.

http-duplex-gzip-client HTTP duplex client that accepts and decompresses gzip.

http-get Simple to use node.js HTTP / HTTPS client for downloading remote files. Supports transparent gzip / deflate decoding.

http-request General purpose HTTP / HTTPS client for node.js. Supports transparent gzip / deflate decoding.

http-static-gzip-regexp Middleware for using pre-compressed gzip files based on regexp url pattern

koa-gzip gzip support for koa responses.

koa-static-cache Static cache for koa

ls-archive A package for listing and reading files in archive files

maxmin Get a pretty output of the original, minified, gzipped size of a string or buffer: 130 B → 91 B → 53 B (gzip)

mimosa-server Server module for Mimosa browser development workflow tool

nar node.js application archive

oppressor streaming http compression response negotiator

pako zlib port to javascript - fast, modularized, with browser support

recaster Clone this project to scaffold a new (npm/node) project.

requesty http and https requests in node and in browser

rest-decompressor Content-Encoding support interceptor for rest.js

rjson RJSON (Recursive JSON) converts any JSON data collection into more compact recursive form.

squish Squish your outputs using whatever compression you like

stringstream Encode and decode streams into string streams

tar.gz Native gzip compression and decompression utility for Node.js.

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