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assemble-boilerplate Boilerplate for Assemble, the static site generator for Node.js, Grunt.js and Yeoman.

assemble-contrib-anchors Assemble plugin for creating anchor tags from headings in generated html using Cheerio.js.

handlebars-helper-compose {{compose}} handlebars helper. Inlines content from multiple files optionally using wildcard (globbing/minimatch) patterns, extracts YAML front matter to pass to context for each file. Accepts compare function as 3rd parameter for sorting inlined files. Good for blog posts, chapters, etc.

handlebars-helper-css {{css}} handlebars helper, for dynamically updating <link> tags for stylesheets, with options for adding, removing, revisioning, and minification.

handlebars-helpers 120+ Handlebars helpers in ~20 categories, for Assemble, YUI, Ghost or any Handlebars project. Includes helpers like {{i18}}, {{markdown}}, {{relative}}, {{extend}}, {{moment}}, and so on.

origami The best project ever.

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