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am-bucker super easy logging module

app-seed app-seed is an application skeleton for web apps. It uses AngularJS for front-end and Node.js (with hapi) for back-end. It is suitable for Single Page Application (SPA) and provides user authentication with Google OAuth 2.0

bassmaster Batch processing plugin for hapi

bucker super easy logging module

cabrel-crumb Fork of -- CSRF crumb generation plugin

cabrel-hapi-json Adds malformed JSON to JSON responses

cloudstats AWS cloudwatch metrics plugin for hapi

confidence Configuration API

conman Configuration manager plugin for hapi.

cores-hapi Hapi plugin that creates an api for cores resources

cores-server cores server

crumb CSRF crumb generation and validation plugin

deadbox Anonymous dead drop plugin for Hapi.js

docpad-plugin-hapi A fully customizable Hapi server for Docpad.

dovecot hapi wrapper for nodemailer

furball Plugin utilities and endpoints

generator-capinnovation A Yeoman generator for AngularJS + HapiJS stack

generator-ghurt A Yeoman generator for AngularJS + HapiJS stack

good Server and process monitoring plugin

gulp-lab Test runner for Lab

hapi-api-rate-limit Redis api rate limit plugin for hapi

hapi-assets Hapi plugin to provide assets to your views based on the node environment

hapi-auth-basic Basic authentication plugin

hapi-auth-bearer A Hapi.js Bearer authentication plugin

hapi-auth-cookie Cookie authentication plugin

hapi-auth-hawk Hawk authentication plugin

hapi-auth-jwt JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication plugin

hapi-bookshelf Hapi plugin for working with Bookshelf promises

hapi-cache-buster Hapi plugin to a bust the cache of browser assets.

hapi-cls continuation-local storage extension for hapi

hapi-datify your datify-friendly hapi plugin.

hapi-db An environment based NeDB/MongoDB database switcher

hapi-helmet Interactive debug console for hapi

hapi-mail Email plugin for Hapi.js

hapi-mongodb A simple Hapi MongoDB connection plugin.

hapi-mongoose-handler Generic handlers for quickly making RESTful APIs from mongoose schemas with hapi

hapi-mongoose-resource resourceful mongoose objects for the hapi framework

hapi-named-routes Hapi plugin to add named routes to your view templates

hapi-nedb A generic NeDB database adapter for Hapi

hapi-pg Inject Postgres connections into Hapi requests.

hapi-plugin-test Test plugin

hapi-promise A hapi plugin that allows you to return promises in your request handlers

hapi-ratelimit A rate limiting plugin for HAPI.

hapi-request Hapi request object decorator for more betterness.

hapi-resourceful Resourceful route generation for hapi

hapi-resourceful-routes Resourceful route generation for hapi

hapi-restify Simple framework to implement a REST Api with HAPI 2.1.x (see for Hapi 1.x compatibility).

hapi-sass A Hapi.js plugin for compiling and serving Sass stylesheets

hapi-session A simpler session based auth plugin for Hapi

hapi-spa Serve a single page app with hapi

hapi-statsd A hapi plugin for sending request round trip metrics to statsd

hapi-swagger A swagger documentation UI generator plugin for hapi HAPI application generator A library to easily manipulate avatar data in HAPI. Simple tools for building HAPI projects.

hapi.assetsupload Set of Scripts to easily bulk upload assets in a HAPI instance.

hapi18n I18n plugin for hapi

hapiconfig A wrapper for getconfig to be used as a hapi plugin

hapigoose hapi plugin for mongoose

hypermedia Library that allows for the programmatic modeling, encoding, and decoding of hypermedia affordances, and for the programmatic transformation of Hypermedia API (HAPI) DSLs into live HTTP servers.

inject-then Promise wrapper for Hapi's server.inject

lout API documentation generator plugin for hapi

mudskipper a resourceful routing plugin for hapi

nails-framework Nails Framework

nails-utils General purpose utilities for node projects

nhapi Voxel (Internap) Hosting API (hAPI) client

poop Plugin for taking a process dump on uncaught exception

proxke proxy server using Hapi

ratify A Hapi plugin for validating the schema of path, query, request body, and response body params using JSON-schema

reflektor Hapi plugin for logging stdout/stderr to browser console

reptile Plugin for creating a REPL

sarge hapi.js plugin to make authorization on routes easy

scarecrow Oz authentication plugin

scooter User-agent information plugin for hapi

seneca-hapi plugin seneca services into hapi.js

session-handler Bloglovin sessions.

thumbsville Thumbsville for Hapi.js v3.0

timplan JSONSchema validation for hapi

totem A library to easily manipulate avatar data in HAPI.

travelogue hapi passport.js integration helper

tv Interactive debug console plugin for hapi

yar Cookie jar plugin

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