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bender-haproxy HAProxy agent for Bender

farm HTTP/HTTPS server farm made easy

ha-api HAProxy remote controller

haproxy HAProxy management and orchestration module

haproxy-controller Interactive and REST interface to control haproxy

haproxy-sock-handler haproxy stats socket utility

poise An HAProxy clone written in node for more flexibility and embedding into a node process.

proxyline Parse the proxyline added by HAProxy, Stud, Bud and others.

seaport-haproxy Sync seaport and haproxy to keep your services balanced

thalassa A lightweight service registry using Redis inspired by Seaport

thalassa-aqueduct Dynamic haproxy load balancer and configuration. Part of Thalassa

thalassa-crowsnest A vantage point for Thalassa

thalassa-haproxy Sync thalassa and haproxy to keep your services balanced

thalassa-http-client A simple http client for Thalassa that doesn't require ZeroMQ

upbeat Fast health and performance monitoring with process handling

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