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browsermob-proxy Javascript bindings for the browsermob-proxy

browsermob-proxy-api NodeJS bindings for controlling a browsermob-proxy instance (creating ports, HARs, etc)

chrome-har-capturer Capture HAR files from a remote Chrome instance

express-har-capture Express middleware for capturing HAR (HTTP ARchive)-files

grunt-har-gen Grunt plugin for generating HAR files from a series of URLs

har_timing Harvest timing stat from HTTP Archive Format (HAR)

har-to-curl A CommonJS utility for converting a HAR (HTTP Archive) format JSON object to a cURL command string for use on the command line.

har2ammo HAR to ammo.txt

har2appcache generate a appcache file from a http archive/HAR one

httparchive.js JavaScript library to manipulate HTTP Archive 1.2 JSON objects.

simplehar Har viewer made simple

url-har A library to get HTTP Archive files

yslow Commnad line version of YSlow web performance analysis tool from HAR files

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