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alagator Write algorithms that can be re-used for synchronous and asynchronous code

arcus A set of tools for manipulating color values

broccoli-es6-transpiler Transpile ES6 to ES5

broccoli-esnext to transpiler for Broccoli with esnext

broccoli-traceur Traceur is a to JavaScript-of-today compiler

co-couchbase A couchbase wrapper to be used with visionmedia's co library.

co-express An express wrapper that enables generators to be used as middlewares

co-mocha Enable support for generators in Mocha tests

co-redis A node-redis wrapper to be used with visionmedia's co library

co-rethinkdb Generator based querying goodness for RethinkDB

concur lightweight generator/promise utility

coro Library for managing Coroutines using Harmony generators. Supports both Node core style callbacks and promises.

easy-proxy A Proxy handler maker that drastically simplifies making and using Harmony Proxies by combining traps and normalizing their arguments.

es5-ext ECMAScript 5 extensions and ES6 shims

es6 Shim to provide ECMAScript 6 Harmony implementation

es6-collections ES6 Harmony like collections such Map, WeakMap, and Set

es6-generators-example Using Nodejs ES6 generators today example

es6-import-validate A simple ES6 Harmony Module import statement validator

es6-map ECMAScript6 Map polyfill

es6-map-shim A polyfill ES6 Map that closely follows the latest spec

es6-module-loader An ES6 Module Loader shim

es6-set ECMAScript6 Set polyfill

es6-shim ECMAScript 6 (Harmony) compatibility shims for legacy JavaScript engines

es6-symbol ECMAScript6 Symbol polyfill

es6-weak-map ECMAScript6 WeakMap polyfill

es6inode ES6 pseudo-polyfill for node

fancierscript Fancier JavaScript

fancyscript Fancy JavaScript

generatable throw a useful error when generator functions arent available

generator-supported Check if JS harmony generators is supported in environment

genforce Module to enforce harmony generator support for applications even in older versions of node

grunt-es6-transpiler Transpile ES6 to ES5

grunt-node-traceur Compiles ECMAScript 6 (harmony) files, optionally merging and generating source maps. - Fork of grunt-traceur-build with mods I need

grunt-traceur-build Compiles ECMAScript 6 (harmony) files, optionally merging and generating source maps.

gulp-es6-transpiler Transpile ES6 to ES5

gulp-esnext Transform next-generation JavaScript to today's JavaScript

gulp-traceur Traceur is a to JavaScript-of-today compiler

gulpur gulp with

harmonize Enables node's --harmony flag programmatically.

harmonizr bring tomorrow's Harmony to today's JavaScript

harmony_proxy Node.js harmony recursive object proxy

harmony-collections Shim to provide Map, Set, and WeakMap if they're not available, with non-leaky O(1) lookup WeakMaps

harmony-proxy Small shim providing `new Proxy(target, handler)`

harmony-reflect ES5 Shim for proposed ECMAScript 6 reflection API

harmony-required Help you to check your node process is enable harmony and harmony-generators

identifier-identification A JavaScript prollyfill for the proposed `String.isIdentifierStart` and `String.isIdentifierPart` methods.

is-harmony ECMAScript6 (Harmony) feature detection library

koan A Koa.js Application Boilerplate

koan-errors Koa.js error handling middleware

koan-views Enhanced template rendering using ES6 generators

magic Magic Method/getter/setters for Node.JS (Basic ES5 Harmony Proxies)

meta-objects Utilities and patterns for using Harmony Proxies to meta-program. Proxies as Proxy handlers, catch all forwarders for catch all forwarders, intercession introspection. Now you're thinking with portals.

meta-promise ES Harmony Proxy based promise library.

mimosa-es6-module-transpiler An ES6 module transpiler for Mimosa

mimosa-es6-module-transpiler-amd-shim An ES6 module transpiler AMD shim module for Mimosa

mimosa-traceur An ES6 to ES5 compiler for Mimosa

name private name objects shim

negative-array Negative array index support `array[-1]` using ES6 Proxy

node-traceur Mirror of experimental ES6 to ES5 compiler that is kept in sync with code on google.

object-assign ES6 Object.assign() ponyfill

object-emitter EventEmitter with some useful additional functionality.

observed observeable objects the way you want em

obsy atomic object/namespace sync across processes using observe and redis

pancake A next generation web framework for Node.

persistent-harmony Proxies javascript objects that are persisted in a database (e.g. MongoDB)

pm2 Modern CLI process manager for Node apps with a builtin load-balancer

prfun Helper functions for ES6 promises

private-name Simple shim for Private Names

proximo Proxied model implementation

proxy-handlers Predefined ES6 Proxy handlers

pumpit A simple function to run async code with sync syntax using generators.

set-collection Set collection type

setflags Set v8 command line flags at runtime

smap A forward polyfill with ES6 Map utilities

symbol ES6 Symbols in your ES5.

syncho Fast and lean abstraction for node Fibers. Easily run asynchronous functions synchronously.

tap-harmony A Test-Anything-Protocol library (supporting harmony features)

traceur Experimental ES6 to ES5 compiler

tspromise A ES6-compatible node.js promise library for harmony with support for typescript and generators

view-buffer A combination of DataView, node Buffer, and ArrayBuffers into one powerful tool using Proxies

vm.js Javascript bytecode compiler/virtual machine implemented in pure coffeescript

weakmap Shim for WeakMap with non-leaky O(1) lookup time

whatever.js Whatevs, dude

yyield Asynchronous coding using ECMAScript 6 generators

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