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chash hash a value to a consistent number within a specified range. in goes key out goes number that's it.

crypto-hashing Easy interfaces for cryptographic hash functions

cryptofoo a good compromise between speed and validity to hash and encrypt (in future versions) strings

encryptionhelper A collection of helper functions that encrypt, decrypt, and hash strings and files based on the native crypto module

fash A consistent hashing library for node

hash Safely use a JavaScript object as hash

hashit A simple hashing method for passwords, codes and secret things

hashring A consistent hashring compatible with ketama hashing and python's hash_ring

jcash Javascript and css hashing for node.js

json-hash JSON hash

level-cluster Use consistent-hashing with hash-rings to distribute reads and writes across multiple multilevel nodes.

light-cycle a consistent hash ring for your blue-glowing shards

md5-o-matic Fast and simple MD5 hashing utility with zero module dependencies

memcached A fully featured Memcached API client, supporting both single and clustered Memcached servers through consistent hashing and failover/failure. Memcached is rewrite of nMemcached, which will be deprecated in the near future.

memcached_ext CSV and JSON extensions to memcached

node-bcrypt a node javascript clone of OpenBSD's Blowfish password hashing code

passhash Easily and securely hash passwords with a variable amount of SHA512 iterations. bcrypt is also supported.

perfect A perfect minimal hash function generator

phpass A pure node.js JavaScript port of the portable PHP password hashing framework.

phpbb-password phpbb's password hashing algorithm for Nodejs

sha3 A Node.js C++ extension for SHA-3 (Keccak)

string-hash fast string hashing function

vnhr virtual node hash ring

vnodehash Consistent hashing using vnodes

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