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array-comprehension Declaratively construct arrays.

autonomy Lightweight functional utility library complementing ES5

fnky A funky (and "souly"?) library for functional programming in Javascript

Fuell A library for purely declarative functional programming with support for async actions

Fury A library of higher order functions for function composing, overloading, asynchronicity and other

generator-angular-scotty A Yeoman generator for AngularJS + Scotty

haskell Lambda functions and functional programming for javascript

htf-viewer a pretty viewer and file watcher for HTF tests from cabal projects

interlude Functional JavaScript library

iterate-function Repeatedly apply a function.

jandoc Exposes the Pandoc API to Node.js and adds the ability to convert multiple files at once.

karma-ng-hamlet2js-preprocessor A karma plugin to compile Hamlet HTML templates to JavaScript on the fly.

maybe Maybe monad for JavaScript

operators JavaScript operators as functions

subset Generalized set operations and comparisons in the style of Haskell

UnderscoreKit A port of Haskell's standard prelude to Javascript

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