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co-nested-hbs Generator-based Handlebars templates for nested layouts.

component-build-handlebars A component (v1+) builder plugin for Handlebars template precompilation

component-builder-hbs Component builder plugin to parse Handlebars templates

express-hbs-helpers Handlebars helpers for Express 3

flash-express-hbs Flash message middleware for Express 3 and Handlebars.

generator-hbs-standard A generator for Yeoman that creates a HanBootStrap standard project

generator-hbswebapp Default Yeoman generator for scaffolding out a front-end web app

handlebars-helper-regex Handlebars extension to support block RegExp helpers.

handlebars-xgettext Extract strings from Handlebars source

handleify browserify 2 + precompiled client-side handlebars

hbs-helpers Helpers for any handlebars projects. Btw, it can work without it.

hbs-utils A set of helpers and utility functions useful when using hbs in an express app.

jsonrender Command-line and stream wrapper for Handlebars mustache implementation

mincer-hbs Handlebars JST engine for Mincer

schnauzer Command-line and stream wrapper for Handlebars mustache implementation

templ yet another lightweight templating thing

webmake-ember-handlebars Precompiled Ember.js Handlebars templates for Webmake

webmake-handlebars Require Handlebars files with Webmake

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