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agents Quick HTTP user agent headers for slightly-immoral-and-very-improper web scraping

api-pegjs API PEGjs (HTTP, methods, headers, media-type, etc)

cacheable-middleware Middleware component to set cache headers on responses from an Express or Connect server

camelize-http-headers Function to camelize HTTP headers

caseless Caseless object set/get/has, very useful when working with HTTP headers.

connect-expires expires middlewae for connect(express)

connect-proxy Retrieve originating ip/host values when proxying to your connect app

curli Simple HTTP HEAD requests, just like you would with `curl -I`.

express-standard Easy method to define standard express headers and assist with Content-Security-Policy including social media widgets

hdrgrab HTTP Header Grabber

helmet Security header middleware collection for Express/Connect

hood cover your head. security headers middleware.

http-pegjs API PEGjs (HTTP, methods, headers, media-type, etc)

hyperrest-bin A simple HTTP service with controlled behaviour

imbibe consume a json api, minus the boilerplate

infer-entity-headers Infers http entity headers from path, entity and existing headers.

koa-helmet Security header middleware collection for koa

oven browser cookie store simulator

parse-http-header Parses parameterized HTTP header value strings into objects

proxyinfo Program to report HTTP request headers and proxy information to connected clients.

read-write-message Read/write a length prefixed JSON message to a stream and send regular binary data afterwards. Useful for sending stream headers etc.

resware Middleware to wrap around the http.ServerResponse for setting headers before writeHead() gets called

robotirc Multifonction IRC bot written in Node

setheader Protect headers from being overridden before they are written to response.

smtpapi Build SendGrid X-SMTPAPI headers in nodejs.

trailers Automatically defer all written headers to Trailing headers after the headers have been writen.

twitreq Generates a request options object suitable for making signed and authenticated requests to the v1.1 Twitter OAuth REST API using the native Node https library.

waigo-mongo Mongo database connection and session store for Waigo

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