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aladdin Phantom test runner for Jasmine

browser-launcher detect and launch browser versions, headlessly or otherwise

browser-run Transform stream that executes JavaScript it receives in a real browser and outputs console output

captureweb NodeJS module for capturing entire web with screenshots

eidolon A simple way to automate tasks in a headless browser

gl Creates a WebGL context without a window

golem automatically provisioned virtual machine for headless web automation

grunt-contrib-jasmine Run jasmine specs headlessly through PhantomJS.

grunt-jasmine-html-runner Grunt task to run jasmine html runner using phantomjs.

grunt-jasmine-legacy A Grunt task for running Jasmine v1.3 tests using RequireJS and PhantomJS

jasmine-html-runner Runs Jasmine's HTML Runner using phantomjs.

jasminy A Headless Jasmine TDD Tool

massif Phantomjs fork

mean-seo SEO Solution for MEAN.JS applications which forwards crawlers requests to a compiled HTML copy using PhantomJS.

miniboilerplate Looking to create a jQuery plugin in CoffeeScript using Test-driven development? If so, MiniBoilerplate is what you've been looking for.

node-headless Project Headless for Node.js

phantom-jasmine Phantom test runner for Jasmine

phantom-server PhantomJS Selenium Server

phantomjs Headless WebKit with JS API

phantomjs-cn Headless WebKit with JS API

phantomjs-server PhantomJS Selenium Server

phantomjs-sun Headless WebKit with JS API + Sun64 download

phantomjs-test-starter Starter Template for testing PhantomJS ‘Applications’ with Jasmine, Grunt, and Istanbul

protractor-selenium-server-vagrant A Vagrant VM with Protractor, Selenium standalone server, and Xvfb for headless browser end to end testing of AngularJS applications.

raynos-testling write tests for browser code

renderjs render.js(1) -- MEAN SEO Support ========================================================================

sink-test Headless / Browser JavaScript Unit Tester

sn-admin Web-Based Administrative Interface (mostly) for Headless Devices

sn-vagabond A Web UI for managing VirtualBox Appliances and Instances

tape-run Headless tape test runner

testling write tests for browser code

url-to-screenshot Capture screenshots using phantomjs

wd-zombie wd headless implementation using zombie

webkit-server A driver for webkit-server.

zombie Insanely fast, full-stack, headless browser testing using Node.js

zombie2 ZombieJS 2 wrapper, for parallel install

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