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atlassian-connect-express-hipchat HipChat compatibility layer for atlassian-connect-express (ACE)

bip-pod-hipchat HipChat Pod for Bipio

grunt-hipchat-notifier Send grunt messages to a Hipchat channel

hc-cli hipchat for terminal

hip-pager-bot Create and customize a HipChat bot that interacts with PagerDuty.

hipchat-api HipChat API Client

hipchat-client Another Hipchat API Client

hipchat-exec A HipChat Bot. Watches for commands in a HipChat room, then executes the appropriate shell script.

hipchat-js Simple HipChat API client

hipchatter Wrapper for the HipChat API (v2)

hubot-hipchat A Hipchat adapter for Hubot

hubot-hipchat-beta A Hipchat adapter for Hubot

hubot-hipchat-emoticons Query Hipchat emoticons within Hubot

hubot-karma A simple karam tracking script for hubot.

josi The Jolly Science bot, based on Hubot. Her name is JoSi.

masterofcoin Store Stripe Webhook events into MongoDB, send Hipchat notifications, and display them using Server-Sent Events.

nobot A simple bot for HipChat

strider-hipchat A Strider CD Plugin to notify Hipchat of project build status

winston-hipchat A Hipchat transport for winston

wobot A plugin-based HipChat bot.

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