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all-your-github-are-belong-to-us Save all your GitHub data to one place, private & public. A Webhook.

apache-git-commit-hooks a scraper for apache git web frontend to enable git commit hooks. git commit hooks would do the job too but eh, cant do that at apache.

async-hook Hook intro async methods

before before decorator factory

builder-coffee CoffeeScript plugin for builder.js

buildserver configurable build server with integration

crisphooks Simple asynchronous/synchronous hooks for Node.JS and browsers

dj remixable JavaScript

esprima.hks a syntax valadation pre-commit hook

flick GitHub post-receive hooks handler

formatdate a little bit more than just strftime

git-emit expose git hooks through an event emitter

git-fish Github Web Hook Listener

git-web-hook Simple web hook for gitlab

githook an command line to easy listen git hooks

gloth Multiple glob expansions with exclusions and hooks

hook_receiver Node.JS hook receiver for gitlab and github

hook-stdfoo Hook process stdout and stderr.

hook-stdio Hook process stdout and stderr. Provides a hook to your Boxcar service, sending and receiving notifications A webhook to process github post receive Hook for mail integration SparQL hook queries The Vanilla Hook A webhook to process github post receive Basic hook for the web4.0 project

hookable Enable hookable functions on an object.

hooker Monkey-patch (hook) functions for debugging and stuff.

hookin npm install or bower install if package.json changed, when git pull

hookit A function for shimming all node.js core IO calls allowing callback wraping.

httphooks A webhook implementation which extends the concept to HTTP REST API's

hubhook github post-receive service hook handler

jim Simple webhook server

lei-pipe pipe

level-onion A levelup wrapper interface to add/modify behavior of a levelup instance.

loghooks-node Hook console log, process stdout for Node.js

maia-client Websocket client for the Maia architecture.

maia-mailer Websocket hook for mail integration

mhook Middleware like hooks for node.js

momo Cronjob with web hooks.

mongodbext Extension for node-mongodb-native that allows to add hooks on write operations, such as create, update, remove

mongoose-post-find Post find and findOne hooks for mongoose

mook A utility to hook methods/properties and return anything you want.

node-hook Run source transform function on Node require

node-smsgw SMS Gateway service

poison Allows tinkering with node's module loading system if you really see no other way.

ps3.js A PS3 Dualshock 3 Controller hook for Node.js powered by Node-HID and echtzeit.

pull-checkout-merge-command.hook Run scripts after `pull`, `merge` and `checkout` succeed. Great for compiled source management between branches and automating migrations

punch-fix-utf8 This generator hook will help you fix broken encoding when you generated some non HTML text file (i.e. xml, json…)

punch-utf8-fix This generator hook will help you fix broken encoding when you generated some non HTML text file (i.e. xml, json…)

reqhooks 'reqhooks' a collection of request / response stream hooks for connect

ride Monkey-patching/overriding/hooking library

scarlet The simple fast javascript interceptor for methods and properties.

shutdown-handler Gives the ability to execute code upon closing a Node.js application.

surround-constructor surround-constructor module

testlingify Adds github hooks and browser config for testling.

thepusher Github post-receive hook router

ti-installr-hook ti cli hook for deploying builds to installr

ti-testflight-hook ti cli hook for deploying testflight builds

ticonfig hook ti cli config from tiapp.xml

transquire A require replacement and hook to automatically transpiler module source at runtime.

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