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beautify.hks Beautify your javascript with each commit

bluebird-hooks implementation of hooks using bluebird promises

concurix-wrap Wrap javascript functions according to configurable rules.

cordova-gen-icon Apache Cordova Icon Generator

crisphooks Simple asynchronous/synchronous hooks for Node.JS and browsers

dont-commit-conflicts.hks stop contributors from commiting conflicts

git-scripts Git hooks integration for Node.js projects

glenlivet A hook and plugin system that allows you to create flexible, reusable processing workflows.

gloth Multiple glob expansions with exclusions and hooks

hooks Adds pre and post hook functionality to your JavaScript methods.

hooks-callback Fork of hooks adding support for callback functions and modification of the callback variables.

mongohooks A thin before/after filter extension for the mongojs node-module

mongoose-construct Adds a 'construct' hook to mongoose models. Similiar to the init hook but called even for new objects, not just objects returned by the database

mongoose-post-find Post find and findOne hooks for mongoose

node-hooks An NPM for git hooks.

pre-git Automatically install pre-commit / pre-git hooks for your npm modules.

prototype-server a simple file server that can be infinitely extended using hooks

purr Make your application purr. Add audio when functions and properties get called.

racer-hooks Add server side hooks to racer.

reqhooks 'reqhooks' a collection of request / response stream hooks for connect

scarlet The simple fast javascript interceptor for methods and properties.

scarlet-winston Scarlet plugin for using Winston with method and property event interception

scatter IoC container and out-of-the-box extensibility for Node.js applications

stact-hooks Manage a registry of function stacks and run them.

staged-git-files get a list of staged git files and their status

voltron-hooks A helper package for adding lifecycle hooks before or after method calls on an object.

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