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404project Report 404 errors to

ab-tool A extension of Apache HTTP Benchmarking tool for Node.js

acc-lang-parser A simple parser for http Accept-Language headers.

access-control Easily handle HTTP Access Control (CORS) in your applications

accesslog Simple common/combined access log middleware

actionhero actionhero.js is a multi-transport API Server with integrated cluster capabilities and delayed tasks

adhoc Start a web server in that directory. This instant! (like python -m SimpleHTTPServer on steroids)

agent-base Turn a function into an `http.Agent` instance

agent007 NodeJS User-Agent retriever, big directory of user-agent.

agentkeepalive Missing keepalive http.Agent

agents Quick HTTP user agent headers for slightly-immoral-and-very-improper web scraping

ahr2 An Abstract Http Request for Node.JS (http/https) and the Browser (XMLHttpRequeuest2). For `npm install ahr2` for Node and `pakmanager build` for Ender / Pakmanager. It should be required as `var request = require('ahr2')`

aitch Toolkit for constructing hypertext service clients.

ajtalkjs-httpserver Simple wrapper of http server

akamai-http-api Akamai NetStorage HTTP API for the Node.js

albert An HTTP event server in Node.js

albert-client EventEmitter for albert HTTP event server

alldata-client-http AllData HTTP client module

alldata-coordinator AllData request coordinator module

alldata-peer-client-http AllData Peer HTTP client module

alldata-peer-server-http AllData Peer HTTP server module

alldata-server-http AllData HTTP server module

allhttperrors A module to create flexible, powerful Error objects based on HTTP responses

altair-server Altair Server is a full stack nodejs server with web, ftp, imap and smtp support

amf_deserializer module to deserialize raw AMF post data

announce.js Add real-time push notifications to your existing web application

anvil.http *OBSOLETE* Http host for anvil.js

api-blueprint-http-formatter Format pair of HTTP Request and Response to API Blueprint format

api-error Http client and server error types

api-model Create a javascript object to use at your restful api.

api-pegjs API PEGjs (HTTP, methods, headers, media-type, etc)

api-pegjs-test A collection of language-agnostic tests in JSON format for parsing HTTP into api-pegjs

api.js Framework for HTTP REST APIs

appdotnet Wrapper for the HTTP Stream API, following node idioms.

appserv A simple package that allows you to create a static async file-server vor you apps.

apx A scalable, extensible, modular API Server

arch A small toolkit-framework

argo-gzip Gzip package for Argo

argo-http-cache HTTP Caching for Argo.

arrjs HTTP and WebSocket application request routing

asker http.request wrapper with request retries and http.Agent tuning

asker-hat Wrapper for Asker module for dumping of the received data, and usage of the collected dump instead of actual http requests.

assembot Simple asset assembly bot for compiling/combining client-side js and css files.

authom A dependency-free multi-service authentication tool for node.js

autoweb http mvc框架

awesomecms Ambitious education project from snowy Russia

backbone-http An HTTP interface for BackboneORM

backport-0.4 node.js core modules with backported fixes

balancing-request An extension to request that creates a balancing URL request stream.

basehttp A lightweight, robust node.js HTTP server with configurable options.

basicauth http basic auth as simple as I could make it

basicrequest basic xmlhttprequest

batch-request Batch Request - Utility library to enable a server to handle batch requests

baucis Build scalable REST APIs using the open source tools and standards you already know.

bazinga Awesome static web server

beg Fast and simple HTTP request node module

bench-rest bench-rest - benchmark REST (HTTP/HTTPS) API's. Node.js client module for easy load testing / benchmarking REST API' using a simple structure/DSL can create REST flows with setup and teardown and returns (measured) metrics.

benchget Simple Get benchmark command line similar to Apache Bench

benchmarx HTTP-based side-by-side benchmark framework

bip-pod-http HTTP Pod for Bipio

bittorrent-tracker-client Talk to your BitTorrent tracker

blage http module middleware

bloknot Tout ce qu'il faut pour Nodejs !

boom HTTP-friendly error objects

bosh-prebind Module that binds a session to the BOSH server

bouncy route incoming http requests to http servers

bricks Bricks Application Server

brow ෴ A browserver proxy for node.js ෴

broware Browify your HTTP

browser-http Simple (but advanced) HTTP for browser

browser-request Browser port of the Node.js 'request' package

browserver ෴ A browserver proxy for node.js ෴

browserver-router A platform-agnostic router for HTTP listeners that follow the node.js spec

browserx Web browser for node.js

buffered-response Utility library for line-by-line reading from any readable text stream

build-http-error (Node.js) Build an HTTP error from a status code and / or a message.

bunyan-pilgrim A REST-oriented logger for Bunyan

burokrat A true bureaucrat needs forms

buster-faye Temporary fork of Faye without redis

cache-quest a simple drop-in cache for request

cachelicious Delicious Node.js file stream cacher and HTTP cache server

caching-agent http.Agent with built-in cache

camelize-http-headers Function to camelize HTTP headers

caseless Caseless object set/get/has, very useful when working with HTTP headers.

cashed An in memory HTTP file serving cache that compresses once and serves many times

cashier a module for caching static http responses in memory

catalyst-proxy A proxy that accelerates requests via multipart downloading

cendre Dynamic HTTP Web Server

chameleon Static server

changed-http Polls HTTP resources and fires events when they change

chanserve Server wrapper for creating psuedo server "channels" based on the request URL path.

chaps cache fronted http api caller

cheerful the composition of cheerio and hyperquestionable

cheerio-httpcli html client module with cheerio & iconv

chrome-http implementation of the core node http server for chrome apps

chrome-portfinder Find an open port on the current machine (for Chrome Apps)

cicek HTTP server.

cleansocket Cleans up old sockets before listening

client-http Node client HTTP/HTTPS request wrapper for easy to make client HTTP/HTTPS request

client-server-link Basic interupt for http server so that modules can contain both server and client aspects

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