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http-auth Node.js package for HTTP basic and digest access authentication.

http-auth2 HTTP server with basic authentication.

http-basic-auth HTTP Client with basic authentication support

http-benchmark Scriptable Http Benchmarking util for node

http-booter http-booter

http-browserify http module compatability for browserify

http-browserify-0.6 http module compatability for browserify

http-browserify-ng http module compatability for browserify

http-browserify-ws http module compatability for browserify

http-buffer-charset By http charset it return according supported node Buffer charset.

http-cache An extensible caching interface for HTTP traffic.

http-cache-cassandra A Cassandra provider for the extensible HTTP caching library http-cache.

http-codes Map of HTTP status messages to codes based on Node's built-in (inverse) map

http-console Speak HTTP like a native

http-console2 Speak HTTP like a native

http-debug Simple http(s) request debugger.

http-delayed-response Simple module for delaying a response, optionally with long-polling support

http-digest-auth Functions to perform http digest authentication

http-duplex turn (req,res) pairs into a single duplex stream

http-duplex-client Duplex API for making an HTTP request (write the req, read the response)

http-duplex-gzip-client HTTP duplex client that accepts and decompresses gzip.

http-emit Emit requests for local node server

http-enhanced Drop-in replacement for Node.js standard `http` API with various helpers.

http-errors A node module that returns a hash of Error classes representing HTTP errors indexed by error code.

http-extended HTTP service classes

http-file-server HTTP file server

http-get Simple to use node.js HTTP / HTTPS client for downloading remote files. Supports transparent gzip / deflate decoding.

http-get-shim HTTP(S) get shim for easier gets

http-handler Minimalist handling for http requests. Where non-file urls are handled by index.js in relative folder, and resource files are streamed from resources directory.

http-intercept Enhancement for Node's HTTP IncomingMessage & ServerResponse to let the data going from/to those streams to be intercepted - and modified... :)

http-json-request Node.js module for simplify json http requests

http-json-response send json easy

http-latency Check if a site is up and how long did the request take

http-load Simple load testing tool for HTTP applications

http-markup-server HTTP-server for markup (using express framework and ejs template engine)

http-master Easy to setup, convenient, universal, parallel, http/https proxy daemon. Setup in 1 minute, run, configure, adapt. Proxying based on excellent node-http-proxy.

http-mock HTTP mocking server

http-monitor Monitor an http application, and invoke if the server status changes. Both a module and a commandline tool.

http-monster A HTTP benchmarking tool for CLI

http-noupgrade merge upgrade requests back into the request listener

http-npm http interface to npm modules

http-params get http parameters

http-parser Javascript http parser for Buffers.

http-parser-js A pure JS HTTP parser for node.

http-pegjs API PEGjs (HTTP, methods, headers, media-type, etc)

http-perf a simple utility to test an http server and get stats

http-pool http pool

http-post Shortcut method similar to http.get() for HTTP POST requests with support for data and files

http-proxy-agent An HTTP(s) proxy `http.Agent` implementation for HTTP

http-proxy-glimpse A full-featured http reverse proxy for node.js

http-proxy-no-line-184-error A full-featured http reverse proxy for node.js, minus that error.

http-proxy-rulz An HTTP proxy fed by JSON rules

http-proxy-selective http proxy also serves static files

http-proxy-server A Node.js HTTP proxy server supporting HTTP tunnelling

http-proxy-simple Simple HTTP proxy, allowing protocol and payload interception

http-pubserver Markdown render server for publications. Supports both hosting and prerendering.

http-raw expose the raw request data in an http server

http-reduce Reducible HTTP library

http-request General purpose HTTP / HTTPS client for node.js. Supports transparent gzip / deflate decoding.

http-request-node A node module that makes HTTP requests

http-request-umd A UMD module that performs HTTP requests

http-response Easily get information about HTTP codes

http-route HTTP request routing using a nestable functional style

http-route-proxy Convenient HTTP proxy for cross-domail request, request forward and creating mock data.

http-runner A simple HTTP-based remote job runner.

http-send http send function inspired by express

http-share Share a directory over http with one command

http-ssh-agent Send requests to http servers over ssh

http-stack A `StreamStack` implementation of the HTTP protocol.

http-static-gzip-regexp Middleware for using pre-compressed gzip files based on regexp url pattern

http-status Interact with HTTP status code

http-status-codes Constants enumerating the HTTP status codes. Based on the Java Apache HttpStatus API.

http-status-codes-json Nothing more, nothing less than the IANA registered HTTP status codes in JSON format.

http-streamer HTTP as a stream.

http-string-parser Parse HTTP Request and Response from String

http-template node module that uses templated files containing raw http to create http requests

http-test-helper A helper for wrapping calls to HTTP APIs during Node/REST API tests.

http-test-servers Speeds up some http servers on localhost to facilitate acceptance tests of applications that require api interactions

http-timeout Distributed timeout for HTTP

http-util Miscelaneous HTTP/S utilities

http-utils HTTP Utilities

http-verify Send an HTTP request and verify part(s) of the response.

http-xak http(s) hack

http.js A small http parsing library

http2 An HTTP/2 client and server implementation

http2-protocol A JavaScript implementation of the HTTP/2 framing layer

http2udp Forwards HTTP requests to UDP sockets.

httparchive.js JavaScript library to manipulate HTTP Archive 1.2 JSON objects.

httpcheck Simple HTTP status checker w/ timeout

httpclient HTTPClient interface for browsers and Node.js

httpdd HTTP Decision Diagram

httperr HTTP status codes as JavaScript errors.

httperror HTTPError extends Error. var err = new HTTPError(req,res,'my message');

httperrors Handy JavaScript Error classes representing the standard HTTP errors. Easily extensible and subclassable.

httphooks A webhook implementation which extends the concept to HTTP REST API's

httpinvoke A 4.8kb no-dependencies HTTP client library for browsers and Node.js with a promise-based or Node.js-style callback-based API to progress events, text and binary file upload and download, partial response body, request and response headers, status code

httpism Resource savvy HTTP client

httplike library for parsing http-like protocols

httpls Redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS

httpp-forward Forward http traffic over httpp/udp with node-httpp

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